Questline is the leading provider of energy communications in the nation, partnering with energy utilities in all 50 states for more than 20 years. As a Battelle start-up our roots are in science, our experience in utility communications and our focus is on the insight we provide our clients. We are dedicated to helping our 450+ energy utility clients deliver content that enlightens, engages, entertains and educates their commercial, industrial, business, and residential customers. With an unparalleled database of metrics and a deep commitment to our clients’ goals, we are able to differentiate and excel because of our singular, energy utility-only mission.

Enlighten - Engage - Educate
Our clients use Questline's white-labeled, customer-facing content to improve customer satisfaction scores, drive energy-related revenue, increase energy-efficiency program participation, and to address utility-related marketing and communication objectives. Questline provides client-branded content through a proprietary communication hub that enables seamless delivery of email, text messages, Web-based portals, social media, Webinars, Ask an Expert services, and eNewsletter communications with built-in reporting features. With Questline's solutions suite, our clients know how communications are requested and consumed, which articles were favorites and which resulted in action, and how one message played in San Francisco versus another in Dubuque. Our vision is to drive our utility industry clients to unprecedented results through the power of our words, our knowledge and our insights.

We are your partner, and we illuminate the path to success.

At Questline, we use insight and creativity to deliver compelling digital communications to the utility industry that enlighten, engage, and educate their customers.