Everything we create, from a perfectly worded banner ad to a carefully crafted behavioral study, is done by a team of wildly committed staff whose idea of a good time is to stay up all night with a white board and a pile of sharpies. Comprised of strategists, writers, product developers, IT professionals, graphic designers, web developers, engineers, marketers, account executives and project managers, our staff covers a broad range of expertise. Learn more about us below.
David Reim
Dave has overseen the growth and development of Questline’s product suite and services over the last 20 years as President and co-owner. He manages the company’s strategic goals and is Questline’s primary spokesman.
John Keep
VP of Products & Operations
John leads the development and execution of product and technology strategies to drive business growth and brand development. He also provides operational support for Questline’s products.
Susan Kownacki
VP of Account Services
Susan leads Questline’s account services department; the teams responsible for managing customer relationships across all 50 states. Along with business development designed to grow the company, Susan also leads the company’s sales efforts.