Cool It and Enjoy an Energy-Efficient Summer

Questline provides tips to help utility customers reduce peak demand and save money

(Columbus, Ohio, July 28, 2015) – Summer brings warmer temperatures that place greater demands on your cooling system. Electric-powered technology inside your home or business will boost demand. As a result, summer energy bills can spike. The good news is there are things you can do to control costs.

“It’s important that we all work together to reduce peak demand,” said Dave Reim, President, “Even the smallest changes can make a huge impact on the amount of energy we use. Being more energy efficient will reduce your monthly energy bill, especially during the hottest days of summer.”

Questline’s simple, low-cost tips are designed to help everyone become more energy efficient by reducing peak demand during the summer season:

  • Seal air leaks – Remember your mom’s constant reminder to “Close the Door!” Any leaks, especially large ones like an open door, allow cool indoor air to slip outside into the heat. A big waste of energy and money. Keep the door closed, and also be sure to seal air leaks with caulking, weather stripping, or spray foam. You’ll stay cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter.
  • Install motion sensors – “Who left the light on?” Another parental battle cry. And it makes sense. Why light a room without occupants? The addition of motion sensors to main rooms, meeting areas and bathrooms can help save money by turning off lights when a room is unoccupied. If you don’t want the expense of adding motion sensors, just remind everyone turn off lights. Simple things truly do make a difference.
  • Program the thermostat – In the summer, setting your thermostat to 78 degrees provides the greatest savings. Any temperature setting above 72 degrees provides 1 – 3 percent savings per degree. That adds up! When you leave your home or business, particularly for days or weeks, be sure to increase the thermostat setting to avoid unnecessary cooling expense.
  • Take advantage of summer’s natural light – Summer sunlight is the ultimate light bulb. Keep the lights off and take advantage of free sunlight during longer summer days. On very warm days, however, you may want to consider closing the blinds to keep excessive heat out.
  • Schedule regular maintenance – Improve your heating and cooling systems by scheduling and performing duct and piping inspections, tune-ups, and additional maintenance. Use a do-it-yourself approach, or consider hiring a trusted professional. The cost is minimal and you’ll catch issues before they become problems.
  • Use fans – Fans in different rooms of your home and business can help more evenly distribute air generated by cooling systems, while also using less energy.
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