Questline Releases Engage 2.1, Introducing Engage Sites and Extending the Largest Database of Utility Customer Behavioral Data.

Utility communications agency releases new upgrade to its Engage Messaging Platform, including the capability to easily create custom microsites.

Questline is excited to announce the release of Engage 2.1, which adds new features to the successful Engage Utility Marketing Platform. This release includes Engage Sites, empowering utility communication professionals to easily create microsites, preference centers and landing pages independently of IT teams. Engage Sites further develops the platform’s extensive behavioral event tracking, adds secure data collection features and is integrated with Engage Messaging, allowing for more targeted marketing campaigns.

“The goal with Engage Sites is to free our utility clients from technology constraints and allow them to better understand and communicate with their customers,” explained John Keep, Vice President of Products and Marketing.

“Detailed preference pages allow customers to choose the information they want to receive and in what channel. Campaign landing pages allow marketers to collect customer behavioral data and use it to drive more targeted campaigns, increasing customer engagement and program enrollment. Ultimately, these features lead to more engaged and satisfied customers.” More detailed information on the features and benefits of Engage Sites can be found here.

This release also adds new features to Engage Messaging, including enhanced reporting features, new campaign testing capabilities and even faster sending. New reporting features include the ability to directly compare multiple sends, track your account’s usage and view the progress of large sends as they are deployed.

“Questline will continue to expand and add features to the Engage Platform to help achieve the goals of our utility clients,” adds Keep. Since its initial release in November of 2013, Engage has delivered more than 50 million messages to utility customers. For more information on Engage Messaging, visit

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