Our Clients Have Spoken: Questline’s Net Promoter Score Increases in 2015

Energy utility companies rank Questline as a leader in digital communications.

(Columbus, Ohio, May 14, 2015) – Questline announced today the results of its annual client satisfaction survey of 1,500 key clients in the energy utility industry. Questline earned an overall client approval rating of 95 percent and a Net Promoter Score of 60.3, putting it at the 60+ percentage enjoyed by industry Net Promoter leaders like Apple, Amazon and Trader Joe’s.

Questline’s energy utility clients were surveyed anonymously about their experiences with Questline’s content marketing, digital and analytics services programs that are provided to commercial and residential utility customers across the U.S.

“The scores are validation that Questline’s commitment to service has not wavered - even as we continue to grow and expand the breadth of our offerings,” stated Dave Reim, CEO. “In particular, clients cited industry knowledge, ability to provide insight into email performance and client partnerships as uniquely strong. That’s very rewarding.”

Unprompted, Questline clients “named names” among Questline’s team, singling out those who’d served as trusted advisors or come through in times of crisis. In particular, satisfaction ratings for the Sales and Accounts teams rose this year to 97 percent.

Questline’s internationally recognized Net Promoter Score (NPS) of 60.3 is based on customers’ direct feedback and measures their likelihood of a client to recommend a company’s products or services in their respective marketplace. NPS is a management tool designed to measure the loyalty of a firm's customer relationships (correlating it to revenue growth) and can be as low as−100 (all surveyed are detractors) or as high as +100 (all surveyed are promoters). An NPS that is positive (over zero) is believed to be good, and an NPS of +50 is considered best-in-class. 

About Questline:
Questline uses insight and creativity to deliver compelling digital communications to the energy utility industry that enlighten, engage and educate. With 20+ years of experience and 450 client partners, we’ve become the nation’s premier creator, aggregator and analyst of energy utility customer communications content and behavioral analytics. Visit www.questline.com.
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