Questline Releases Engage Messaging for General Availability

Engage Messaging is a cross-channel messaging tool designed to help energy utilities improve customer engagement through digital communications.

Questline has announced the release of Engage Messaging, a tool enabling utilities to communicate digitally with their customers through multiple channels including email, text messaging and fax, while providing real-time reporting and analytics. Designed for the utility industry, Engage makes customer communications easy while helping to increase customer satisfaction and engagement.

“Energy utilities have unique needs when it comes to data security, customer intelligence, multi-channel coordination and content integration. While working with our utility clients, Questline became aware of the significant gap between today’s disjointed marketing tools and the need for features and insights specific to their needs. The result is Engage,” said John Keep, Vice President of Products and Marketing.

Engage Messaging offers a flexible data model and the ability to store a multitude of customer information, allowing utilities to improve segmentation and targeting. This information can also be used to drive campaigns, target customers for program adoption and to enable utilities to learn more about their customer behaviors. Real-time reporting dashboards and industry benchmarking help to evaluate campaign success quickly and easily.

To ensure data security, Engage Messaging offers advanced encryption compliant with HIPAA, FERC, and PCI. Additional features include mobile-friendly templates, dynamic content scripting, send scheduling and automated data imports.

“We’ve been developing Engage Messaging for over a year with a determined focus. We wanted to be sure to incorporate our unique insights, create a user-friendly experience and deliver a tool to help our energy utility clients find success through digital communications," Keep said.

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