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Customer Satisfaction

Utilities share a common goal–customer satisfaction. Each day, you strive to deliver uninterrupted service, maintain power quality, support your communities and give customers billing and program options. Those efforts may go largely unnoticed, however, without quality customer communications. Energy utility companies that communicate regularly with customers have higher customer satisfaction scores than those who do not, according to J.D. Power.

With more than 20 years of experience and 450 clients, Questline can guide you on lead generation, program sign-ups and customer education. Armed with years of behavioral insights and experience to develop strategies for achieving those goals we help forge your strategy, then design your campaign and test to ensure it reads clearly and looks great in all email software and mobile devices. Want to improve engagement? Test subject lines, calls to action and content options.

Tracking and analytics. Questline experts will comb through data and analyze the results of each campaign; helping to optimize future results.

Comprehensive support. Questline supports all types of email communications to ensure consistent, positive, customer experiences. We're just as adept at marketing messages and transactional emails as we are at outage communications, emergency information and regulatory notifications.