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Some of our clients' Twitter followers skyrocketed during recent severe weather events - were you one of them? During storms and outages, utility customers demand more communication. Questline helps you provides it.

Questline works as a partner to develop a comprehensive outage communications plan; identifying key stakeholders and determining the best way to communicate with them. When an outage occurs, Questline will send communications to those stakeholders via their preferred communication channels or provide key utility staff with access to our self-serve, digital messaging platform, Engage.

Key Components of Effective Outage Communications
Utilities work hard to keep the power on, but outages do happen. Outages can have a great impact on customer satisfaction as well as your relationships with regulators and government officials. This whitepaper discusses the creation of a comprehensive plan that will keep key stakeholders informed, before, during and after an outage. View
PSE&G Storm Communications Honored
Superstorm Sandy devastated the East Coast in October of 2012. PSE&G knew that communicating with their customers was a top priority before, during, and in the immediate aftermath of the storm. This case study explores the methods of communication that helped them gain recognition by J.D Power and Associates for keeping their customers informed. View
Outage Communication Service – Comprehensive Outage Communications Improve Customer Satisfaction
When an emergency outage hits your territory, are you prepared? Find out how Questline’s comprehensive outage communications can help get you stay calm and organized when facing an outage. View