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Sometimes no matter how you word it, the news isn't good. No customer wants to be notified of a rate hike, but there are ways to soften the blow. Whether you are dealing with residential or commercial customers, it helps to have language and an approach that you know has been effective before. That's where Questline helps. Filling the information gap with proactive and honest communications increases public understanding about changes in energy costs. Questline's team has developed and executed successful ratemaking campaigns for utilities across the United States. Let us help you ensure a great ratemaking communication strategy and execution. You might just be surprised at the reception you get!

10 Rules for Better Rate Case Communications
Rate cases are a common, but difficult, challenge for utilities. Rate increases are a sensitive subject, but using proper communications can greatly affect how your customers perceive your utility. These ten rules will help you convey your message clearly while maintaining transparency and a critical connection with your customers. View