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Welcome Series

Research shows that customers are receptive to communications when they first "meet" a utility. So how can you maintain their interest once the honeymoon is over? CampaignBuilder – Welcome Series. This customized email program is "white labeled," which means we apply your brand and specific needs to a recommended series of content that captures the attention of your new subscribers. Questline has developed proven content designed to not only engage them, but, introduce them to key topics: billing and payment options, energy-efficiency programs, utility services, newsletter subscriptions and outage communication options.

Questline's professional email marketing team will help design and deliver your customized CampaignBuilder – Welcome Series, highlighting the features and programs of your choice. Our IT experts will work with you to set up a secure transfer of customer data, monitor delivery and track results.

The Art of Saying Hello
A welcome series is designed to engage new customers, highlight key utility features and programs, and promote good customer service. This whitepaper discusses the best approaches to a Welcome Series from what to include to benefits and best practices. View