Strategic Account Management

Even the most talented and efficient utility marketing team gets overburdened and stretched thin between competing internal priorities, operational fires, and endless meetings. When that happens, ROI slips, strategic focus is lost, and goals are compromised. That’s why Questline’s Strategic Account Management team is here to support you every step of the way and make sure you’re maximizing marketing spend, executing quality campaigns, and reaching key corporate goals. Our experienced utility-focused team provides industry expertise and digital marketing best practice support, project management, detailed reporting, and more. Potential services include:

Consultation & Monitoring

  • Mentor on digital marketing trends and email best practices
  • Conduct strategy sessions and provide guidance on effectiveness of individual tactics based on experiences with over 450 energy utilities
  • Continuously monitor your utility’s digital marketing program and processes and provide recommendations for improvements
  • Establish and track your utility’s goals and ensure all activities tie back to those objectives
  • Provide solutions that allow for greater automation, increased reach, and more efficient processes
  • Identify new targets, segments, and opportunities for optimization
  • Monitor deliverability, creative design, mailing patterns, and content choices for impact on program performance
  • Assess list growth and hygiene practices to discover opportunities for more quality, targeted reach and improved deliverability

Reporting and Analysis

  • In-depth reporting and comparison of performance against industry trends
  • ROI analysis and optimization of marketing spend
  • Proactive reporting of campaign activity and customer behaviors
  • Review of customer engagement and deliverability metrics to identify opportunities for improved performance
  • Creative design, content, and targeted segment analysis
  • Overall program review and summary of performance towards goals and objectives