Automated Marketing

Questline's automated marketing programs encompasses a variety of technologies, helping utility marketers manage campaigns based on customer interactions across a variety of channels and using data to drive the most effective strategies. Ultimately, this leads to a better understanding of your customers and better results from more targeted campaigns. Automated marketing encompasses several different strategies:

  • Segmentation and Targeting
    Use behavioral data to target those most likely to act. Segment customers to ensure they are receiving the right messages through their preferred channel.
  • Lead Qualification/Scoring
    Identify those customers who are most likely to act by assigning various points for interactions with marketing messages. Specific actions trigger additional messaging and once a customer reaches a specified amount of points or engages in a specific action, their information is passed on to the sales team or program manager as a qualified lead.
  • Re-engagement campaigns
    Keep your ROI metrics accurate and deliverability top-notch by using data to identify customers who have disengaged and win them back.
  • Campaign Scheduling
    Scheduling marketing messages in advance helps to keep frequency consistent. Test the best days and times to send, and then schedule messages accordingly.

Questline works with more than 450 energy utilities across North America and as a result houses the largest database of utility customer behavioral metrics in the world. Let us leverage this unique asset to help you benchmark performance against peer utilities, optimize your programs over time and identify specific customer behavioral patterns in the data we collect on your behalf.

Work with Questline's experts to strategize, test, and execute your campaigns and your automated marketing programs and webinars to secure the analytics that will tell you what you need to know.

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