Engage® Digital Marketing Platform

Engage Messaging is a multi-channel digital messaging tool designed for the specific needs of energy utilities. It allows for unified email, SMS and fax messaging in addition to campaign management, behavioral analytics, and sophisticated targeted marketing techniques. Engage Messaging is a component of the integrated Engage Digital Marketing Platform allowing for more coordinated execution of data-driven interactive marketing campaigns and one-to-one messaging.

Engage Messaging was designed for utilities. Understanding the needs and goals of utility communications is the foundation for Engage Messaging. With utility-specific features, Engage makes customer communications easy; helping to increase customer satisfaction, customer engagement and program adoption.

Flexible data model allows for better segmentation and targeting. Engage has the ability to store all types of customer information securely, including demographic data, behavioral data, program enrollment information and more. This information can be used to drive awareness campaigns, target customers for specific program adoption, and analyze aggregate customer behaviors.

Engage is supported by a scalable, secure, cloud-based infrastructure. The processing power behind Engage allows for the handling of robust data hosting needs, high-volume sending and complex analytics. Real time reporting allows utility's to know how their campaign is performing on a minute-by-minute basis. Data is guaranteed secure using some of the most advanced technologies available.

Cross channel coordination allows customers to choose their preferred means of communication. Giving customers the option to receive specific information via different digital channels allows for a personalized experience and improved customer perceptions.

Engage is fully supported by Questline's Campaign Strategists, Creative and Content teams. You can do as much or as little as you want. Work with Engage independently or take advantage of Questline's experts to provide strategic planning, campaign production, creative design and targeted content.

Engage Messaging is Fully Integrated with Engage Sites. Engage Sites is Questline's landing page and microsite hosting platform. It allows for the hosting of campaign call-to-action pages, customer preference centers, online surveys and more. Engage Messaging's integration with Sites allows for direct access to customer profiles and response data for sophisticated segmentation and targeted content.

Engage Messaging – A better tool for utility communications
Frustrated with today’s disjointed marketing tools and a lack of features and insights specific to energy utilities, Questline has developed a new platform that better enables effective customer communication: Engage®. View