Customer reading email newsletter on smartphone to build engagement

Email Newsletters: Customer Engagement Evolved

As part of our mission to make energy engaging, Questline Digital is excited to announce the next evolution to our eNewsletters for energy utilities. Questline Digital’s user-friendly Engage platform now provides more flexibility, richer data insights and deeper customer engagement potential for all users of email newsletters.

“Consumer expectations regarding the user experience and what types of content resonate have dramatically changed,” says John Keep, vice president of technology & operations for Questline Digital. “That’s why we’ve enhanced our eNewsletters to meet and exceed those expectations, and provide an ideal showcase for our ever-growing multimedia content.”

You spoke, we listened

Questline Digital understands the importance of harnessing the latest technology to improve our energy utility clients’ content, delivery and user experience. We upgraded to the enhanced eNewsletter platform based on feedback from energy utilities about technology expectations, needs and preferences. We also analyzed our own best practices and industry data to identify opportunities to strengthen our offerings.

Enhanced user experience

More than 60% of online traffic comes from mobile devices, and the average consumer spends more than five hours a day on their smartphone. With mobile surpassing desktop, Questline Digital is focused on creating a robust user experience for energy utility customers. Powered by our Engage platform, Questline Digital’s eNewsletters were updated with improvements in usability, flexibility and consistency. For example, our redesigned eNewsletter and landing page templates are fully responsive and even more mobile-friendly.

“When redesigning the eNewsletter and landing page templates, the primary focus was the concept of putting content first,” says Tony Nguyen, product design director for Questline Digital. “To enhance the user experience, we placed greater emphasis on readability and modernization, such as larger images, increased font sizes and a clean and visually engaging design.”

As Questline Digital’s content catalog continues to expand with multimedia offerings like videos, interactive quizzes and animated GIFs, the new templates and landing pages will also provide enhanced viewing. Content landing pages offer a cleaner, more modern look, which is ideal for social sharing functionality.

Great expectations

In addition to improvements in usability for energy utility customers, Engage offers a variety of benefits for energy utility marketers who use the platform. Improved reporting and analytics aligned with our email services provides a more comprehensive view of customer activity. You can also review, request changes and approve eNewsletters through the convenient and user-friendly portal, and create a custom deployment schedule.

“The Questline Digital team was there every step of the way to shepherd us through the transition,” says Shana Calbreath, senior communications specialist for We Energies. “Their support was key to the successful deployment of our first eNewsletter. We’re pleased with the modern and mobile-friendly eNewsletter and landing page templates. With nearly half of visitors coming from mobile devices, it was incredibly important for us to have a platform with the latest technologies in responsive design.”

Why eNewsletters

According to Questline Digital performance metrics, eNewsletters serve a powerful purpose along the customer journey, with more clicks within the emails themselves. Our data shows that customers engaged at eNewsletter touchpoints have higher open rates and click-through rates than those who receive only one-off email blasts. For the energy utility industry in particular, continued engagement through an ongoing newsletter is an important component of the customer journey.

“The analytics reporting is much more robust. You can dig into customer behaviors, such as who opened an email or clicked on a specific link,” Keep explains. “Every activity is in one place so utilities that use our email services can see a customer’s behavior across all communications, from eNewsletters to program promotions to outage alerts.”

Boost customer engagement and satisfaction for your utility with Questline Digital email newsletters.