Customer on a solar energy journey

Guide Customers on Their Journey to Solar Energy

Your customers are ready to go solar — are you ready to guide them? With consumer interest in solar energy at an all-time high, energy utilities can benefit from serving as a proactive resource.

Making the switch to solar is a big decision for customers, not to mention a major investment. That’s why energy utility customers need reliable, easy-to-understand resources to guide them along their journey.

Unfortunately, there is limited information available beyond what solar vendors offer. Solar panel installers often set unrealistic expectations with customers about timelines and potential savings. When these expectations aren’t met, energy utilities can become a sounding board for complaints, leading to lower customer satisfaction scores.

Be a proactive solar resource

Questline Digital’s innovative package of educational solar content will help energy utilities become a proactive resource for their customers.

“With industry-leading content, you have the power to create an ongoing solar relationship with your customers,” says Questline Digital Product Director Kurt Hansen. “Many customers aren’t sure when or how to interact with their energy utility about solar installation and maintenance, but you can help them navigate the many twists and turns along the way.”

Solar customers have many questions, concerns and expectations. By serving as a credible source of information, energy utilities can help establish realistic customer expectations and guide the solar process toward a successful outcome.

Your solar solution

Questline Digital’s content assets can be shared across all communication channels, including websites, social media, newsletters, email and bill inserts. This content is designed to answer customer questions and set realistic expectations if they decide to install solar at their home.

“Our solar solution gives energy utilities a strong launch point to make the customer solar journey as smooth and painless as possible,” Hansen explains. “Whether customers decide to switch to solar or not, energy utilities can be seen as a proactive resource, not a barrier, in the process.”

Lead your customers on a successful solar energy journey with a content solution from Questline Digital.