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Check ‘Summer Promotions’ Off Your To-Do List

Infographic with program promotion ideas for energy utilities

We finally made it — summer is here. But just as we’re all excited to get outside and enjoy our favorite summer activities, it’s important for your energy utility continues to communicate and engage with customers. Do you have a plan to continue promoting your programs and initiatives?

Our checklist highlights some key programs you may want to add to your marketing schedule this summer.

  1. Outage Communications: The days of sunshine and warmth are nice, but they can’t all be like that. Summer storms are here and it’s imperative you are there for your customers before, during and after a storm. Prepare your customers with a summer storm series that helps them enroll in outage alerts or know what to do when the power goes out. Then be there for your customers with restoration alerts through text, email and social media.
  2. High Bill: As the temperatures rise, energy bills often spike as well. Reach out to customers at the start of the season with resources to help them take greater control of their energy bill. Share your services, rebates and energy efficiency tips in an email campaign. Your engagement rates will increase and their energy bills will lower. That’s a win-win.
  3. Paperless Billing: As customers take vacations and enjoy some much-needed R&R, their energy bill is still there. Convert customers to your energy utility’s paperless billing program with an email and social media campaign that highlights the convenience benefit. With the on-the-go bill access functionality, customers can view their payment history and pay their bill wherever they are in the world.
  4. Welcome Series: Warmer weather is often a great time for customers to move. Say hello to these new and moving customers with a Welcome Series email campaign that covers payment procedures, outage information, scam alerts and more. Develop a trusted relationship with customers at the start of service and increase engagement – all with a simple “hello.”  Plus, Welcome Series customers are more likely to continue engaging with future communications from your utility.
  5. Content: As summer activities consume customers’ lives, it’s important to keep a pulse on what they are interested in. Share content with them that speaks to their needs and interests on a continuous schedule, such as in a monthly eNewsletter, to keep them engaged with your energy utility.

Summer is a great time to interact with customers and share the unique programs and services your energy utility offers. Check off your summer to-do list with some of the program promotions mentioned above.

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