Benchmarks 2017: Customer Engagement in Focus

Is your customer engagement strategy a blur? Questline’s new 2017 Energy Utility Email Benchmarks Report brings it all into focus. We’ve examined 244 million emails — a 38% percent increase from the previous report — sent by more than 480+ utility companies to customers across the United States. The results have more direct applications for your marketing plan than ever before!

Maximize Engagement

Questline’s data analysis provides deep insights into email performance across the energy utility industry and solutions to help maximize engagement for your customer base. Our latest research showcases why it is vital to engage with customers at key touchpoints throughout their journey.

From digital newsletters to outage communications, customers now expect to engage with utilities as they do their favorite brands (think Apple, Starbucks and Amazon). People are engaged with companies they feel a connection with and view as trusted resources. This starts with impactful interactions.

Gauge Your Success

Measuring customer behaviors on everything from paperless billing to welcome campaigns (you won’t believe the metrics for our Welcome Series!), our latest Benchmarks Report gives you the ability to compare engagement and optimize future communications planning. You’ll find meaningful benchmarks to gauge your success against your industry peers.

A $5,500 value!

You don’t want to miss the actionable insights available in this year’s report:

  • Research revealing an increase in energy utility customer engagement
  • Industry email trends (Open Rates, Click-Through Rates, mobile versus desktop reading)
  • Changes in best times and days to send an email for peak engagement
  • Campaign insights from key touchpoints along the customer journey
  • New top 10 lists of highest performing content

This year, we shifted the launch of our report to align with the calendar year (January to December 2017). To make year-to-year comparisons simple and straightforward, we’ve once again filtered our Benchmarks data by category, including utility type, audience type and email type. We make it easy to contrast data and apply insights to your next communications plan.

With engagement at an all-time high, it’s time to take your customer experience to the next level. Questline’s 2017 Energy Utility Email Benchmarks Report can help you get started.

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