Meet Questline’s product innovator

New Product Director, Kurt Hansen, leads innovation and product management initiatives.

What do government agencies, casinos and energy utilities have in common? With nearly 15 years of product development experience, Questline’s Product Director, Kurt Hansen, has developed one-of-a-kind solutions for many unique industries, from top-secret air force defense to the bright lights of casino gaming.

Hansen leads Questline’s newly created product managment team, helping devise solutions to meet the evolving business needs of our energy utility clients. “My vision is for product to serve as an innovation hub for Questline, where we can vet new ideas and build strategies around them,” Hansen says.

Runway lights and rolling the dice

Hansen began his career in Washington, D.C., where he was recruited to develop software for the defense industry and intelligence community. He then moved into project management and eventually relocated to Las Vegas where he worked for an Air Force defense contractor, taking on product development, data mining and product commercialization responsibilities.

While in Las Vegas, Hansen transitioned to the casino gaming industry, helping to launch some of the earliest mobile sports betting and online gaming products in the United States. He also developed strategic partnerships with brick-and-mortar casinos to increase cross-traffic promotion and customer engagement. To date, one of Hansen’s proudest career moments is achieving a market leadership position for a small startup against the largest gaming suppliers in the world.

I’ve worked in the most classified places and the most public places in the world,” Hansen says. “My career has taken me to the Pentagon and to neon casinos on the Las Vegas Strip. Talk about two extremes!”

From slot machines to utility poles

In his transition from casino games to energy communications, Hansen is excited about the opportunity to grow Questline’s portfolio of products and services. In Hansen’s eyes, developing products for the energy utility space is not drastically different from the defense and casino gaming industries.

“Whether casino gaming companies or energy utilities, the end goal is the same – we want to build brand loyalty and customer satisfaction,” Hansen explains. “Instead of a slot machine, we’re engaging customers with our content.”

As for what’s on tap in 2019 and beyond: Hansen will continue to help the team grow industry partnerships in an effort to launch more relevant product solutions. For example, Questline is partnering with DEFG, Inc., a management consulting company specializing in customer strategy in the utility sector, to launch an innovative package of educational solar power research and content for energy utilities and their customers.

Idea incubator

In his new role, Hansen will also work closely with Questline’s client advisory board of industry experts to vet ideas and develop product strategy.

The energy utility industry is experiencing a major transformation and will continue to change rapidly in the next 10 to 20 years,” Hansen says. “With our creative and technical team of experts, Questline is in a great position to help drive innovation.”

From solar energy to outage communications, Questline is focused on building marketing strategies with a multifaceted approach and omni-channel delivery. “We’re working closely with our energy utility partners to determine what they need from a content, technology and strategy perspective,” Hansen says. “Innovation is what keeps moving the needle forward.”

Progress starts here

Reach out to the Questline team to talk innovation and discover our creative solutions for customer engagement. Have an idea for the Questline team? We’d love to hear it!