Warm Welcomes Kindle Sizzling CTORs

Whether you’re joining a Cheese of the Month club or signing on with a new cable provider, you’re sure to receive some kind of welcome message or material. You might not be wowed by the content (or find it very helpful), but it will be in your inbox or mailbox waiting for you. 

For some energy customers, their welcome experience might be similarly lackluster when starting service with a new utility. But what if that welcome could be truly useful and valuable? We make it our goal to help our utility clients achieve just that. In fact, it’s our objective with every email Welcome Series we create with our clients. 

One of our clients achieved such success – twice! This utility sent a new residential customer Welcome Series, which performed well. One year later, we took a deep dive into the metrics and results to see how we could update and enhance the series to achieve even greater engagement. 

Here’s how it went:

Year One Welcome Series

6 emails

  • Storm and outage resources.
  • Sign up for our utility newsletter.
  • Explore your utility account resources.
  • Tools to help you manage your bill. 
  • Tips to reduce your bill.
  • Resources to help you save.

 Overall open rate: 32.9%

 Overall click-to-open rate (CTOR): 26.6%

Year Two Welcome Series

5 emails

  • Explore your utility account resources.
  • Storm and outage resources.
  • Sign up for our utility newsletter.
  • Billing payment options.
  • Resources to help you save.

Overall open rate: 41.7%

Overall CTOR: 31.7%

What caused the positive change?

By taking a look at the overall email content, design and key messages, our team determined: 

  • Five emails, not six, were enough to convey the key messages. Emails five and six from the original series were quite comparable, with both offering savings tips and resources. In the revamped series, only one savings email was sent.
  • Less content in each email was more. In the first series, each email was jam-packed with links, images and various submessages, which could have distracted from the main point and call to action. In the updated series, supporting content was pared down, as well as toned down visually. 
  • New branding elements could be easily incorporated. The client had recently refreshed its branding, making this Welcome Series a perfect place to include new identity requirements. There was also the opportunity to redirect certain links and add new ones that connected customers to new website content. 
  • The customer journey needed a little guidance. While much of the content was very similar from the first series to the second, the order of those messages shifted. For example, the original series began with a message about storm alerts and outage resources. Is that the best message to begin a Welcome Series with? Instead, the second series opened with a message about taking control of one’s utility account, becoming familiar with features and options. That’s most likely what a customer would be interested in or attempting to do in the first couple months with a new utility. We then followed that email with the storm resources email. By restructuring the order of the emails and adjusting the content, the second Welcome Series was able to better connect with customers.

With careful planning, thoughtful strategy and inspiring writing and design, you can achieve real results. We’re always here to help. Talk with us about your communications – whether it’s a brand new series or a refresh of an existing one.