Northeast Utility Showcases Exemplary Customer Service Amidst Gas Line Crisis


A gas line explosion impacted the entire East Coast, including a major investor-owned utility and its customers. Utility technicians needed to go house by house to fix the gas lines and relight gas appliances. In total, 6,000 homes and around 15,000 people were without gas for nearly two weeks in the middle of winter.


Questline Digital assisted the utility in creating and deploying email communications to its customers for 10 days straight. Every day, the messaging included safety tips, resources for keeping warm and updates on restoration efforts. The communications also included information on acquiring space heaters, lodging accommodations and complimentary meals the utility was providing to customers.


Perception campaigns provide monumental value in making connections with customers that promotional campaigns can’t always offer. By being proactive and transparent with its communications and providing aid, the utility proved itself as a trusted resource and neighbor to the communities it serves.

Every day over the course of 10 days a communication was sent out to the utility’s customers updating them on restoration efforts and available resources.