2020 Energy Utility Benchmarks Report

Questline’s industry-wide performance metrics report leads the way to customer engagement

Performance metrics are critical to driving digital marketing success. Without data, it’s impossible to know if your campaign is delivering results, or how it can be improved to reach future goals. Questline’s comprehensive performance metrics — spanning millions of sends for utilities of all sizes — give us a unique view on the entire industry’s digital marketing efforts. This robust data is at the heart of Questline’s analysis and recommendations for energy utilities.

The 2020 Energy Utility Benchmarks Report will help you develop and implement a content marketing strategy that leads your energy utility to long-term customer engagement. Think of these insights as your personal pit crew, helping you to achieve success.

400 million emails deployed to energy utility customers by Questline in 2019

Racers wanted! Start your customer engagement journey

The race begins at the Strategy Starting Line — where you’ll identify the main customer journey touchpoints and how to create a targeted content marketing strategy around them. From there, you’ll hit Engagement Raceway to discover the tools you need to reach the right customers with the right message. Your final lap will lead you to the Winner’s Circle and a long-term digital relationship with customers.

98.8% delivery rate, reflecting our commitment to deployment best practices

Use data to achieve your marketing goals

Digital marketing data is just a bunch of numbers on a spreadsheet if you can’t put it to use. Questline provides insight and analysis to help energy utility marketers understand the performance metrics, learn from them, and act on them to drive results for their own campaigns. The benchmarks report includes detailed recommendations such as:

  • The most effective cadence for a new customer Welcome Series
  • How Anniversary Messages boost engagement compared to other emails.
  • The best topics to cover in an Outage or Storm Prep Series
  • Subject line tips to increase open rates
  • How segmentation by industry improves engagement with SMB and Key Accounts customers

62% increase in CTR for SMB customers, the highest year-over-year boost

Drivers, take your seats, shift into gear and prepare to start the race to customer engagement success.

Download Questline’s 2020 Energy Utility Benchmarks Report today!