Our Process

Leverage Questline Digital’s proven customer engagement model to build long-term satisfaction with energy consumers.  

Questline Digital’s customer engagement model is based on decades of working with energy utility marketers and program managers. Our proven process uses a content marketing-based approach and helps utilities build long-term relationships with customers, increase program participation and grow satisfaction.

With Questline Digital’s strong customer engagement model, energy utilities can transition from a commodity provider to a trusted partner that helps customers live more efficiently and comfortably.

Digitally engaged customers are 69% more satisfied with their energy provider.
—Accenture, “Unlocking the Value of a Digital Customer”

Why Questline Digital’s Customer Engagement Model Works:

Our customer engagement model works because we focus on building long-term relationships with customers.

  • Instead of just promoting programs or services, Questline Digital deploys useful information that your customers want and need.
  • Customer action is based on trust and familiarity, not a quick, one-time sales message.
  • Content marketing positions your energy utility as a trusted resource working to improve customers’ lives.
  • We build strategies and deploy marketing technologies that help you reach the right customers at the right times with the right messages.
Flowchart illustration of Questline proven process for digital customer engagement
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What’s Behind Questline Digital’s Proven Process?

Questline Digital’s customer engagement model is tailored to the unique goals of today’s energy utility. We create stand-out, highly engaging content and digital campaigns designed specifically to fit your brand.

Our content creation process starts with industry research and evaluation of performance metrics. Then, every content asset is reviewed by a certified energy manager for technical accuracy. Most importantly, we help you put your content to use.

Our experienced teams will recommend strategies that align with your program and marketing goals, and your Account Manager will be with you every step of the way to put it in action.

Benefits of Questline Digital’s Proven Process:

Our unique customer engagement model works. By building a digital relationship with customers, your energy utility can:

  • Increase program participation. Educated customers become interested customers who want to take advantage of your energy utility’s program benefits.
  • Drive customer trust and satisfaction. Our content strategy positions your energy utility as a trusted source of information that works to improve customers’ lives.
  • Reduce call center demand. Educated customers know where to find the answers they need.
  • Lower paper bill costs. Digitally engaged customers are more connected to their energy utility and more likely to make on-time payments.
  • Reach customers when it matters most. With established digital relationships, you can effectively communicate with your customers when needed, in good times and bad.
  • Improve AMI utilization. Informed customers understand how their smart home and the smart grid benefit their community.

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