About Questline Digital

Digital marketing expertise for energy and water providers

Questline Digital is a marketing and technology agency that builds engaging experiences throughout the customer journey, boosting program participation and overall satisfaction for utility companies nationwide. Through our proven process, we deliver measurable results with integrated communication strategies that engage, educate and inspire action.

Whether creating content-rich marketing programs, developing integrated technology solutions or deploying multichannel creative campaigns, building greater customer engagement is at the heart of everything we do.

We build better utility customers

Customer engagement and utility industry expertise have been in our DNA for three decades. Our digital marketing agency was founded in 1991 as Tech Resources, engaging energy customers through the latest technology of the time: the fax machine.

Our faxed newsletters featured answers to common questions we received at the Questline phone service (now our namesake). Using library research and faxed responses from our team of engineers, this valuable service provided commercial account managers at energy utilities with one-on-one support for their business customers.

Fast forward to today, and our digital marketing agency is still building strong, long-lasting relationships between energy and water providers and their customers. Those faxes evolved into our Engage™ platform, which now includes a full suite of digital engagement tools, from video and interactive content to social media, SMS and, yes, email newsletters — now available in 134 languages.

As the needs of energy and water companies have evolved, so have our capabilities. Questline Digital now provides strategic solutions that span the entire customer engagement ecosystem. From program messaging, marketing cloud content, rate and billing promotions to outage communications, Questline Digital creates consistent messaging strategies and the technology integrations needed to seamlessly connect with customers across every touchpoint.

In 2023, Questline Digital joined the Harris Utilities Group, bringing our customer engagement solutions to even more utilities in North America. As part of Harris, Questline Digital continues to develop new innovations in digital engagement and integrate our proven solutions with Harris’ industry-leading platforms.

Over the years, technology has advanced but our mission has remained the same: to provide value to utilities by improving the customer experience and achieving program goals with best-in-class content, custom marketing campaigns and digital channel expertise.

We look forward to connecting with you to learn about your company’s strengths and challenges, and ways we can partner together to achieve measurable objectives.