Program Marketing for Utility Companies

Increase customer participation in utility programs with creative marketing campaigns

Achieve your utility’s program participation goals by leveraging Questline Digital’s tested approach to customer engagement. Our utility and marketing experts can help you build multichannel campaigns that include customer education, marketing promotions and custom creative.

If a fully customized marketing strategy is more than you need, Questline Digital also provides ready-made campaigns for many popular programs. Deploy DIY promotions via our Engage™ platform. Just update our email templates with your utility information and securely upload your customer lists to send marketing communications that are proven to be effective.

Utility marketing campaigns include:

  • Paperless billing
  • Energy efficiency programs
  • Demand response programs
  • Time-of-use rate introductions
  • Smart home rebates
  • Electric vehicle rebates
  • Security lighting services
  • Outage alert enrollment
  • AMI rollouts
  • And more

Multichannel utility marketing services include:

  • Campaign strategy
  • Creative and design services
  • Copywriting
  • Content and video development
  • Advertising
  • Email marketing
  • Direct mail
  • Audience segmentation

Questline Digital’s in-house experts work closely with energy and water utilities to transform complicated subject matter into easy-to-understand marketing copy that speaks directly to the needs of your customers. No matter the program, we have the industry understanding and marketing expertise to create effective promotions that resonate with both residential and business customers.

Overcome language barriers with one-click translation

It’s critical for your program promotions to reach the right audiences, but English isn’t the preferred language for everyone. With Questline Digital’s Engage Global Translate feature, you can easily overcome language barriers and connect with all of your customers.

Engage Global Translate allows customers to select from 134 languages to instantly translate any email message or webpage. They can choose from Spanish, Tagalog, Chinese, French, Vietnamese, Hawaiian, Korean, Somali and more — it just takes one click.

“Questline Digital is a great sounding board for new ideas, helping me to develop creative options and impactful solutions that drive digital engagement. Year after year, the initiatives we partner on have received attention and delivered results.”
—Michelle Somers
Marketing Manager, PSEG Long Island

With decades of industry experience, we know what works — and what doesn’t — when creating program marketing for utility companies.

Learn how to exceed your program marketing goals with a digital campaign from Questline Digital.

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