Our Team

Where Right-Brains and Left-Brains Meet to Deliver Exceptional Digital Experiences

Questline Digital is a diverse group of innovative marketing pros who come together for one common goal: to provide our clients with unparalleled customer engagement and utility industry expertise.

Who we are is driven by core values that represent our unwavering commitment to energy and water providers:

  • Be All-In: Bring passion and commitment to everything we do
  • Always Grow: Think bigger and never settle for anything less than our clients deserve
  • Innovate: Be creative and approach challenges with new ideas   
  • Be a Partner: Collaborate and focus on our relationships both internally and externally

Get to Know Us

Every team at Questline Digital plays an integral role in your company’s success. From kicking off the conversation with our business development team to meeting your lead account director and discussing creative solutions with our designers, our teams work to solve your challenges and make the process as seamless as possible.

Business Development

Our Business Development team cultivates relationships from the very beginning. With a focus on understanding and solving your business challenges, our team takes a personalized approach to deliver solutions and services that drive higher engagement and customer satisfaction. They are intent on knowing your company’s goals and objectives through a 360-degree view to develop a successful long-term partnership.

Client Solutions

Questline Digital’s Account Management team works directly with your utility company every step of the way to achieve your marketing and communications goals. From leading content strategy meetings to sharing analytic insights and recommendations, our client-focused team will ensure that Questline Digital’s solutions deliver results.

Content, Creative and Marketing

Questline Digital’s strategic Creative, Content and Marketing teams work together to deliver customer engagement solutions that meet your business objectives. Our Content team creates articles, videos, infographics, quizzes, games and more to educate and inspire action from energy and water customers. Our Creative and Marketing teams use design, brand storytelling and digital engagement best practices to help your company increase program participation and drive customer satisfaction.

Finance and Administration

Questline Digital’s Finance and Administrative teams have years of experience working with the unique business needs and regulatory requirements of energy and water providers. We have the flexibility to work with third-party payment processors or accommodate a purchase order process. We are dedicated to transparency and working with you to make our business relationship thrive.


Questline Digital’s Operations team works behind the scenes to ensure that every digital communication we deploy reaches your customers. They are available day and night to make sure your outage or emergency messages are delivered — no matter when the unexpected strikes. Through real-time reports and metrics, our team helps you understand the effectiveness of your communications and optimizes your campaigns for success.

Solutions Innovation

The world of digital communications is constantly changing — along with your customers’ expectations. Questline Digital’s Solutions Innovation team stays ahead of trends in marketing and technology — and stays in touch with the needs of our clients — in order to develop new ways for energy and water providers to share program information and educate customers about the latest energy topics.


Questline Digital’s software developers created our proprietary Engage™ Platform to meet the unique needs of utility companies. Our Technology team is dedicated to best practices in user experience (UX), mobile functionality and the latest website and email design trends. Questline Digital is SOC 2 certified, meeting the highest standards of data security and privacy for your customer information.

Who we are is defined by the work we do for your utility. We look forward to taking on new challenges and exceeding your program goals together.