Utility customer engagement solutions proven to increase conversions and customer satisfaction

We understand there is no one-size-fits-all strategy for effective energy communications. That’s why Questline’s solutions are designed to meet the unique needs of utilities and their customers.

Whether you’re looking for a multichannel campaign to promote paperless billing or turnkey energy efficiency content to educate business customers, we have a solution that’s right for you.

Reach the right customers with the right message

Energy utility customers have specific needs and interests — like saving money, making energy efficiency upgrades and incorporating renewable energy into their homes and businesses. That’s why your energy utility needs a targeted content marketing strategy to reach specific audiences and deliver the information and services they’re looking for.

Our energy communications solutions are designed to reach a wide variety of utility customers:

  • New and moving customers (residential and business)
  • Customers interested in renewable energy, EVs and smart home technology
  • Low- and medium-income residential customers
  • Customers facing unexpected financial hardship
  • Small and medium-sized business (SMB) customers
  • Key accounts or C&I customers

New Utility Customer Engagement

Residential enewsletter icon
  • Welcome Series: Build digital relationships with new and moving customers. Use Questline’s tested Welcome Series solution to foster long-term customer satisfaction.
  • Paperless Billing Series: Boost e-Bill program enrollment with our comprehensive Paperless Billing marketing strategy.
  • Outage Communications: Help customers stay informed before, during and after severe weather with our Outage Communications solutions for email and social media.
  • Residential eNewsletters: Build long-term relationships and connect customers to program information with the consistent touchpoint of an email newsletter.

Energy Marketplace Promotions

Icon of 3D smarter home
  • Marketplace Content: Informative content will set your marketplace apart from other e-commerce sites, driving engagement and boosting sales of energy efficient products.
  • Smarter Home: Don’t just tell, show customers how they can incorporate energy efficient products into their homes with our interactive video experience.

Customer Assistance

Icon for utility payment assistance
  • High Bill Series: Empower customers to take greater control of their energy use with our High Bill Series, which features seasonal energy efficiency campaigns.
  • Payment Assistance Campaign: Be a resource to customers in need by providing them with helpful information about financial assistance programs and billing options.
  • Efficiency Content for Low-Income Customers: Help low-income customers take control of their energy use with this collection of educational content.

Business Customer Communications

Business icon
  • Business eNewsletters: Engage hard-to-reach business customers with consistent email newsletters containing relevant energy efficiency content and program promotions.
  • Power Your Business: Deliver the right information to the right SMB customers with our Power Your Business industry segmentation tool.
  • Demand Response: Use this content to get business customers up to speed on why they should enroll in demand response programs and lower energy use during peak times.
  • Energy Management Systems: Break barriers to EMS adoption with interactive content and educational videos that demonstrate the benefits to business customers.
  • Webinars: Educate your customers or employees on energy topics while showcasing your industry expertise through interactive webinars.

Content Marketing & Strategy

Content catalog icon
  • Content Catalog: Power your energy communications strategy with Questline’s Content Catalog, featuring 4,000+ articles, videos, social posts, interactive quizzes and more.
  • Content Strategy: Access our turnkey content strategies or work directly with our team to develop custom campaigns tailored to your energy utility’s goals.
  • Social Media Content: Reach customers where they spend their time online with our collection of social media assets and recommended social content calendars.
  • Electric Vehicles Content: Drive participation in EV programs and rebates through a targeted content strategy that helps reach key customer segments.
  • Solar Energy Content: Guide customers on their solar power journey, from research to installation to maintenance, with videos, articles, checklists and interactive calculators.
  • Beneficial Electrification: Address customer questions and promote adoption of cleaner, cost-effective power sources with articles, videos and infographics about “going electric.”
  • Energy Efficiency: Provide residential and business customers with a roadmap to energy efficiency improvements, addressing common misconceptions along the way.
  • Interactive Content: Use interactive video, calculators, quizzes and games to facilitate more exploration, education and sales. Turnkey and custom options available.
  • Video Content: Instantly access 350+ videos created specifically for energy utilities on topics like beneficial electrification, solar power installation, DIY projects and more.
  • Marketing Cloud Content: Questline’s content is ready to be integrated with enterprise CRM platforms like Salesforce, Eloqua or SAP Marketing Cloud.
  • Engage Platform: Easily create and send communications with Questline’s deployment platform, complete with 4,000+ content assets, email templates and reporting capabilities.

Program Marketing

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  • Collaborate with Questline’s team of strategists and creators to execute a multichannel marketing strategy that surpasses your program enrollment goals.

Targeted Communications

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  • Identify customer groups with the highest conversion potential and build energy communications that speak to their unique needs.