Energy utility marketers work to overcome customer roadblocks to EV adoption

How to Overcome Customer Roadblocks to EV Adoption

With sustainability top of mind, consumer demand for electric vehicles continues to grow. Electric vehicle sales topped 2.1 million globally in 2019 and will continue to rise as battery prices drop and charging infrastructure advances. Electric vehicles are expected to represent 10% of passenger car sales by 2025 and nearly 60% by 2040. Your energy

Illustration of Santa Claus looking at list of smart tech gifts

Smart Tech Gifts: Connect with Customers this Holiday Season

The holiday shopping season may look a little different this year, but what hasn’t changed are the deals. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, stores started offering Black Friday sales as early as Amazon Prime Day in mid-October. As gift-givers scour the internet for the best prices on laptops, TVs, speakers and more, your energy utility

HVAC needs for business customers during COVID-19

HVAC During COVID: What Utility Customers Need to Know

Businesses across the United States, still grappling with the double-whammy of the coronavirus pandemic and the economic shutdown it caused, face a new challenge this winter: the return of flu season just as many in cold-weather climates retreat indoors. Millions of employees work in buildings with mechanical heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems, which

Illustration of energy utility customer using paperless billing on laptop

Best Practices: Paperless Billing Campaigns for Energy Utilities

The benefits of paperless billing go way beyond saving a stamp. For energy utilities, converting customers to electronic billing reduces call center volume, lowers service costs and drives substantial long-term savings on printing and postage. Energy utility customers benefit too. Paperless billing is more convenient than snail mail, helping them save time and money. It

Customers happy their energy utility has a friendly brand

How to Put a Friendly Face on Your Energy Utility Brand

When customers think of energy utilities, their first thoughts aren’t always the friendliest. They might be mad about a late payment fee or frustrated that their power isn’t restored yet. Often, they forget that there are real people behind the energy utility. As marketers, it’s important to remind customers that their utility is part of