Illustration of customer experience for energy utilities

Energy Spotlight: Hanna Balla

From the airline industry to healthcare, Hanna Balla has seen it all. Currently the Director of Customer Experience & Insights for NiSource, Balla looks to her past industries with gratitude for helping her get to where she is today. Working with utility digital experiences, Balla has seen the energy industry go through a major transformation.

Illustration of anniversary emails sent to customers by energy utilities

How Celebrating Your Customer Anniversary Can Boost Engagement + Anniversary Email Examples

After new customer onboarding, energy consumers are accustomed to receiving billing notices and outage alerts from their utility. While these are essential messages, you need more than just transactional communications to build a long-term positive relationship. Anniversary emails can help increase engagement by recognizing a meaningful touchpoint in the customer lifecycle. What is a customer anniversary email?

Examples of energy utilities using social media for outage communications best practices

Best Practices in Outage Communications: Social Media Examples

Whether it’s hurricanes, high winds, extreme heat or cold, every utility faces its own set of weather-related issues that can leave customers in the dark. More energy companies are using social media in their outage communications plans to reassure customers and share updates. But some utilities may be wondering about the best practices in outage communications –

Illustration of city using renewable energy

Energy Spotlight: Matthew Allen

Matthew Allen is the Senior Key Accounts & Business Analyst for ElectriCities of NC and acts as a guide for their municipal utilities. ElectriCities of NC provides administrative, technical, legal and legislative services to municipal electric utilities throughout North Carolina, as well as some in South Carolina and Virginia. Working with 32 member utilities, Allen

Illustration of webinar about interactive content

Webinar: Using Interactive Content to Engage Customers

Interactive content is not a new concept, but it can be daunting for many companies to understand, let alone produce. However, it’s not as difficult as it appears to develop interactive content. In our latest webinar, “Using Interactive Content to Engage Customers,” Matt Irving, Brian Lindamood and Robert Abbott share best practices and benefits of