Illustration of customer review of smart thermostats

Smart Thermostats Review: Controlled Comfort

Smart devices continue to make their way into more homes each year. According to research, nearly 65% of Americans own at least one smart home device, with some of the most popular devices being speakers (31%), smart thermostats (24%) and lighting (20%). How are customers actually using these devices? We asked four members of the

Illustration of welcome messages examples from other industries

Welcome Messages: 5 Great Examples for Energy Utilities

No matter the brand, first impressions with new customers are everything. That’s why welcome messages are essential communications in virtually every industry, from retail to hospitality and everything in between. For the energy utility industry, welcome messages have the power to increase customer engagement, drive program promotion conversions and build long-lasting customer satisfaction. According to

Illustration of marketers using performance metrics to optimize content strategy

3 Ways Performance Metrics Guide Your Content Strategy

Creating a content strategy without using performance metrics is like taking a road trip without a map — and without a destination in mind. You won’t know how to get there, and you won’t even know when you’ve arrived! Performance metrics are the roadmap that guide your content strategy and the signpost that tells you

Graphic with text that reads Digital Engagement By The Numbers

How to Accelerate Digital Customer Relationships

Our world revolves around relationships — from romantic love to rapport with coworkers. For energy utilities, digital customer relationships are vital to grow customer engagement, increase program conversions and improve customer satisfaction scores. In fact, brands that lead in great digital customer experiences outperform the competition by nearly 80%. How does your energy utility build

Illustration of the changing landscape of EV adoption

Electric Vehicles: The Changing Landscape of EV Adoption

Electric cars and trucks are nothing new. In fact, William Morrison of Des Moines, Iowa, built a six-passenger electric-powered wagon in 1891. Jumping ahead to just a few years later, of the 4,192 cars produced in the U.S. in 1900, 28% were electric. But electric vehicles (EVs) had disappeared by 1935 due to the discovery