Illustration showing municipal community engagement phone messages.

Best Practices in Building Community Engagement: Social Media Examples

Municipal utilities deliver necessary services like electricity, water, sanitation and gas to customers across their service territories. For these utilities, building a strong bond with customers is not only important but necessary. Highly engaged customers tend to be more satisfied with services, more likely to participate in programs and exhibit greater brand loyalty. Fostering this

Illustration showing how water utilities can build stronger customer relationships

Webinar: How Water Utilities are Building Stronger Customer Relationships

Water is an essential part of everyone’s lives. However, many customers don’t think about their water utility until they receive a bill or experience a service disruption. It’s up to your utility to connect with customers beyond these potentially negative touchpoints to build lasting and positive relationships. Questline Digital’s recent webinar “Water Utilities: Building Stronger

Illustration of water utility communication plan for service interruptions

How to Communicate a Planned Water Interruption

For water utilities, ensuring a constant supply of clean and safe water is paramount. However, maintenance, repairs and unforeseen circumstances can lead to temporary water interruptions. These planned interruptions, while necessary, can often cause significant inconvenience to customers. Therefore, it’s crucial that water utilities implement an effective water utility communication plan to notify customers and

Illustration of Facebook tips for municipal utilities to connect with customers on social media

Facebook Social Media Best Practices + Examples for Municipal Utilities

Customers are increasingly using social media and mobile apps to engage with businesses and services, including their utility. That’s why it’s so important for municipal utilities to build robust social media strategies. To boost community engagement and connect with customers, social media is easily one of the strongest tools in your marketing arsenal. From our

Illustration of best practices for municipal utilities to engage with public power customers

Best Practices for Engaging with Municipal Customers

Engaging with municipal utility customers requires a multifaceted strategic plan and a deep understanding of community needs. Municipal utilities play a critical role in providing essential services such as water, electricity, natural gas and sanitation to residential and business customers. Establishing effective communication channels and engagement strategies is imperative for municipal utilities to address customer