Illustration of 2024 digital marketing trends and best practices

Webinar: 2024 Digital Marketing Trends and Best Practices

An effective digital marketing strategy is essential for reaching utility customers and establishing a long-lasting digital relationship over time. To genuinely connect with customers, utilities must embrace a relevant outreach strategy. As another year has come and gone, the digital marketing landscape has continued to evolve with the emergence of new trends and technologies. It’s

Illustration of utility Time of Use promotions

Why Your Time-of-Use Promotions Aren’t Working

Energy utilities are making strides to improve grid resilience, increase renewable energy sources and give customers more rate plan options than ever before. As a result, utility time-of-use promotions are ramping up across the country. According to Smart Energy Consumer Collaborative (SECC) research, only 28% of customers are aware they have rate plan options and

Illustration of utility customer communications

Why Consistency Matters in Utility Customer Communications

Effective communication has become more important than ever for utility marketers. To truly connect with customers, water and energy providers must adopt an outreach strategy that goes beyond a simple, one-time approach. In fact, it takes five to seven interactions for a customer just to remember a brand. An effective communications strategy requires a consistent

Illustration of personalized energy videos

5 Reasons Your Utility Needs Personalized Energy Customer Videos

Personalized energy customer videos cannot be overlooked as a tool to reach, educate and engage with your customers. Videos play a key role in attracting and capturing attention, as well as delivering information in a fun, easy-to-understand format. These benefits are magnified for utilities that need to communicate complex program and energy-use information in a