Illustration of utility marketers working to reach low income customers

How to Reach Low-Income Customers of Energy Utilities

Low-income customers are notoriously challenging to reach for energy utilities. This group of customers — defined by the Pew Research Center as making less than $48,500 for a three-person household — are driven by saving money and they may qualify for needed payment assistance programs. However, they also share many of the same interests, wants

Illustration of Questline company history

Our Story: A Look Back at Questline Over the Years

For over 30 years, Questline has been dedicated to helping energy utilities connect with their customers. Before changing our name to Questline, the company that started as “Tech Resources Inc.” was engaging energy utility customers though the latest technology at the time: the fax machine. While technology has certainly changed over the years, Questline’s mission

Illustration of energy utility marketers looking for A/B testing best practices

Best Practices: A/B Testing for Energy Utilities

Performance metrics are the secret sauce of digital marketing, allowing marketers to directly measure the results of their campaigns. But why settle for evaluating performance metrics after a marketing campaign has run? Why not use those metrics to your advantage — to evaluate, adjust and improve performance during a campaign? That’s the promise of A/B

Illustration of energy utility marketers making new years resolutions

3 New Year’s Resolutions for Energy Utility Marketers

The opportunity for a fresh start has never been more welcomed. For marketers, the new year is always a chance to revitalize their customer engagement strategies and look ahead at emerging trends. This year, the changing of the calendar comes with the added excitement of emerging from quarantine, rebuilding customer connections and — someday soon

Illustration of homes and businesses affected by natural gas utilities trends for 2021

Natural Gas Utilities: Trends to Watch in 2021

What important energy trends should your natural gas customers be aware of in 2021? As their trusted resource, your energy utility should be prepared to answer customer questions and provide information that helps customers get up-to-speed on innovations and new technologies. To get started, here are five energy trends for natural gas consumption and end-use