Illustration for a webinar about the power of personalized video for utility companies

Webinar: The Power of Personalized Videos

Connecting with utility customers is no longer just about sending monthly bills. Customers expect to receive relevant messages and personalized recommendations from companies they interact with, including their utility. That means sharing information that will resonate with them, whether that’s to help them save money or make their homes more comfortable. Questline Digital’s recent webinar,

Illustration of personalized video marketing for utility companies

5 Reasons Why Your Utility Needs Video Marketing

Capturing customer attention has become more important than ever for utility marketers. With high customer expectations and the vast array of digital media and communication channels available, it’s not easy to cut through the clutter and connect with customers. One powerful solution is video marketing for utility companies. Why does your utility need video marketing?

Illustration of a small municipality utility marketing team

Empowering Your Municipality Marketing Team of One

So much to do, so little time. Marketers in all industries face a constant struggle of managing a heavy workload with limited resources. In the utility space, working on billing updates, program promotions, marketing services and assisting with daily customer questions can feel like it takes an army to accomplish. In the public power sector,

Illustration of personalized energy communications

How Utilities Can Personalize Energy Communications

Today’s customers expect more than just a reliable energy supply from their utility. They want to take control of their energy use — to save money, or reduce their carbon footprint, or just make their homes more comfortable — and they’re looking for advice and resources that will help. Energy providers can give customers that

Illustration of new customer welcome emails

Why “Welcome” is the Most Important Customer Touchpoint

For utilities, perfecting the welcome message is key to building stronger digital customer relationships. Utility welcome messages are arguably the most important customer touchpoint, setting the stage for future communications and laying the foundation for long-term engagement. Companies in every industry are strategic about welcoming new customers, whether it’s a food delivery service like Hello