Illustration of customer segments used to personalize utility communications

Webinar: How to Segment and Personalize Utility Customer Communications

Personalized communications are no longer a nice-to-have when engaging with energy utility customers. In fact, 74% of customers feel frustrated when content is not relevant to their interests. For energy utilities, segmentation is critical to better understanding their customers and developing long-term relationships. In Questline Digital’s webinar, “How to Segment and Personalize Utility Customer Communications,”

Illustration of email list growth hacks for energy utilities

Email List Growth Hacks for Energy Utilities

Effective email list management is critical to digital marketing success. By building digital relationships with residential and business customers, and growing lists to reach more customers, utilities can achieve marketing goals, increase program participation and boost customer satisfaction. However, as customers ebb and flow, so does your email list. Addresses become inconsistent or nonexistent as

Email spam facts emerge from questionable myths

Myths Debunked! Email Spam Facts

Spam emails are a major issue for many internet users. In fact, research shows that out of the 333 billion emails sent worldwide, 85% of those are spam. Although email marketing is still one of the best tools for reaching customers, spam messages can confuse, frustrate or victimize your utility’s customers. As your utility works

Illustration of energy utility marketer running away from common email marketing mistakes

5 Common Email Marketing Mistakes

Email marketing isn’t just a buzzword that industry folks throw around. It’s one of the most valuable tools in a marketer’s toolbox to connect with customers. The email marketing stats collected by HubSpot speak for themselves: There are 4 billion daily email users 73% of millennials prefer communications from businesses to come via email 59%

Illustration of energy utility training program for spotlight interview with Kelly Fikes

Energy Spotlight: Kelly Fikes

Kelly Fikes will be celebrating an extraordinary 24 years with Alabama Power in January. In her tenure, she has experienced many changes and worked in numerous facets of the utility. Fikes began her career with Alabama Power as an Administrative Assistant. After a few years in this role, she worked as an Account Manager in