Illustration of the home of an energy prosumer

How to Tap the Power of Energy Prosumers

As solar and other renewables become more affordable, many of the electric power consumers of yesterday are now active energy consumers and producers, or energy prosumers. These utility customers invest in and install rooftop solar panels to generate the electricity they need and feed the excess electricity they produce back to the grid in exchange

Illustration from a webinar about using data to personalize the energy customer experience

Webinar: How to Use Data to Personalize the Energy Customer Experience

Personalization can be a powerful force in helping energy providers build engaged relationships with customers. In fact, 55% of consumers believe that targeted communications create a more enjoyable experience. By using data to personalize the customer experience, energy providers can achieve: More effective marketing messages Higher engagement rates Increased program conversions However, it’s important to

Illustration of challenges faced by utility key accounts managers

Utility Key Account Management Challenges and How to Overcome Them

Key Account Managers (KAMs) have a unique role within the utility industry, working to develop and nurture relationships with business customers. Key accounts are often large and complex, with a wide range of energy and education needs. However, it’s up to KAMs to support their key account customers with information and advice on renewable energy

Illustration of an utility supporting account electrification

How Key Account Managers Can Support Electrification

As sustainability becomes a greater priority for businesses, energy utilities play an important role as a trusted resource. Key Account Managers in particular are vital partners with business customers as they take on electrification and energy efficiency projects. But how can Key Account Managers (KAMs) help business customers on their journey to greater sustainability? We

Illustration of energy rate communication strategy

7 Ways to Offer Energy Rate Relief to More Customers

Energy prices are expected to continue rising this year and next, making it imperative that utilities have an energy rate communication strategy in place to help customers navigate rising bills. Average U.S. residential electricity prices will reach an estimated 15.33 cents/kWh in 2023, jumping from 13.72 cents/kWh in 2021. To put this into perspective, the average