Illustration of enewsletter ideas for business customers

4 eNewsletter Content Ideas for Utility Business Customers

For energy utilities, eNewsletters are a vital tool to connect with hard-to-reach business customers. Whether you’re trying to reach large commercial and industrial (C&I) customers or small business owners on Main Street, eNewsletters are a consistent source of valuable information and a regular touchpoint in the digital customer relationship. But what type of eNewsletter content

Illustration of disengaged customers

What Disengaged Customers are Costing Your Energy Utility

Imagine being unable to reach your energy utility customers with important service updates and program promotions. That’s the reality for disengaged customers — they are essentially unreachable. Customer disengagement can be described as the buyer’s perception that a brand can’t meet their rational or emotional needs. Once they feel this way, people stop listening to

Illustration of data security best practices for energy utilities

Data Security: Critical Trends for Energy Utilities

Few industries reach as wide and varied an audience as energy utilities. In fact, just about everyone is an energy utility customer — which means, when it comes to the growing challenges around data and email security, energy utilities have a lot more customer information to protect compared to other companies. It is a critical

Illustration of dark mode email design

Dark Mode Email Best Practices for Energy Utilities

Americans are spending more time than ever looking at screens. Nielsen Company data shows that screen time for adults in the U.S. has increased to 13.5 hours per day, up from 10 hours per day in 2019. Our eyes are tired from constantly staring at computer screens, tablets, smartphones and TVs. Dark mode emails can

Illustration of energy utilities offer guidance to customers based on research

New Research: Energy Customers in Search of Guidance

How do your customers feel about new energy technologies? Smart Energy Consumer Collaborative’s 2021 State of the Consumer Report offers important insight into the attitudes, concerns and motivations driving adoption. Among the results in this year’s report, SECC found that: Consumers are making the connection between smart energy and slowing climate change. Consumers across all