Illustration of an utility using webinars for training employees

Leveraging Webinars: The Perfect Utility Employee Training Tool

In today’s rapidly evolving utility landscape, keeping employees up to speed with the latest industry trends and best practices is essential. For energy utility program managers and key account managers, the need for continuous learning is even more critical to ensure they have the tools to understand customer needs and build customer satisfaction. One effective

Illustration of paperless way of paying utilities

Is There Anyone Left to Enroll for Paperless Utility Bills?

It can be hard to believe that there are still customers left to enroll in paperless billing. After all, with the tremendous growth of electronic billing, automatic payments, mobile apps and digital currency, most customers now prefer a paperless way of paying utilities. However, some customers remain reluctant to adopt paperless utility bills. Habits can

Illustration of what is the environmental impact of natural gas?

Communicating to Customers: What is the Environmental Impact of Natural Gas?

In the utility industry, we find ourselves constantly at the crossroads of a rapidly changing energy landscape. The advent of beneficial electrification, for one, has put natural gas suppliers on their heels. The electric utility industry is touting the trend of reduced CO2 emissions per MWh from electric power generation over the last decade. Plus, the electric

Illustration of energy utility educating customers about rate plans

Webinar: Educating Customers About Rate Plans

Rate plan education is an essential part of reaching sustainability initiatives. Utilities that promote rate plan options, improve self-service tools and use messaging that resonates with target audiences can improve customer satisfaction, even during this time of change. By offering plans that suit their customers’ needs and incentivize energy conservation, and educating customers about those

Illustration of residential time-of-use rates for energy utility communications

How to Communicate Time-of-Use Rates to Residential Customers

Alternative rate plans are becoming commonplace as energy utilities make efforts to improve grid stability and reach sustainability goals. Energy providers across the country are implementing residential time-of-use (TOU) rates to help reduce demand on the grid and give customers more control over their energy use. However, encouraging customers to switch to a new rate