Illustration of customers using TikTok for energy utility

Should Your Energy Utility Have a TikTok Account?

The popular video-sharing app TikTok has been making headlines lately. It may leave you wondering if you’re missing out by not connecting with customers on the trendy social media platform. But does your energy utility really need a TikTok account? It depends. Every company that embraces the world of social media needs to go into it knowing that

Illustration of email marketing trends for 2022

Webinar: Email Marketing Trends and Best Practices for 2022

As the new year approaches, marketing teams everywhere are planning their communication strategies to reach customers in 2022. For energy utilities, this is no different. It’s a perfect time to reflect on what worked or didn’t work in the past and revitalize your marketing efforts for the year ahead. In our recent webinar, “2022 Email

Interview with Greg Anderson energy utility customer engagement

Energy Spotlight: Greg Anderson

Greg Anderson is one of three Marketing Managers at Atmos Energy. He works for the MidTex Division, covering most of North Texas — roughly half of all of Atmos’ customers. He leads a team of five Account Managers who work with developers within the utility’s sector to add new meters and customers. Anderson began his

Customers receiving a paperless bill email on their smartphone

Top Paperless Billing Benefits to Promote to Customers

When it comes to paperless billing, there are many reasons why customers choose to make the switch from paper to electronic bills. According to eMarketer, three in four adults across all generations will switch at least one bill to paperless in the next year. Knowing the right paperless billing benefits to promote — and how

Illustration of energy utility customer journey

Utility Customer Journey Map: Addressing New Expectations

Customer journey mapping is essential for energy utilities. As the industry focuses on becoming more customer centric and improving the customer experience, utilities must optimize every interaction. Where once customers were seen merely as account numbers or “ratepayers,” new technologies and advancements across all industries are changing customers’ expectations of how they interact with their