New Customer Engagement

Build long-term customer satisfaction with consistent, meaningful touchpoints

Customer engagement is one of the biggest challenges facing utility marketers. Energy and water are vital services, but many customers simply don’t think of their utility unless they need to pay their monthly bill or the lights go out. While both situations require communications, achieving customer engagement goes beyond the basics of transactional messaging. 

For utilities, the customer engagement journey requires a regular cadence of consistent, timely and valuable touchpoints.

A driving force of long-term digital relationships, Questline Digital’s engagement solutions help customers understand vital information about billing, outages, energy efficiency, water conservation, and more.

Your Solution to Utility Customer Engagement

When engagement is strong, utility customers seek out your messages — reducing the cost to reach them and increasing your utility’s impact. Plus, with the right content, customers will view your utility as a helpful resource in their daily lives — and they will be more likely to open and act on your communications.

Communicate the following messages to build long-lasting customer engagement:

  • Welcome message to new or moving customers
  • Billing and payment options
  • DIY tips and energy savings resources
  • Power outage and storm safety resources

With our turnkey and customizable new customer engagement solutions, your utility will see an increase in customer satisfaction and program conversions.

Welcome series icon

Welcome Series

Build relationships with new and moving customers at the start of service when they are easiest to reach. Our automated Welcome Series solution kicks off the digital relationship between your utility and its customers.

Paperless billing icon

Paperless Billing

Encourage customers to make the switch to ebill with campaigns that highlight the benefits and convenience. Our paperless billing solution makes education and enrollment easy and is proven to increase engagement.

Residential enewsletter icon

Residential Newsletters

Residential newsletters provide ongoing engagement with your utility’s customers. Monthly newsletters deliver valuable content, like energy savings tips, seasonal efficiency resources, smart home guides and more.

Outage alert icon

Outage Solutions

Don’t leave customers in the dark — help them stay informed before, during and after severe weather. Our outage solutions provide essential, time-sensitive messages to customers about power outage resources and safety tips.