Electric Vehicles Content

Drive participation in EV programs and rebates with a content marketing strategy

As electric vehicle demand continues to grow, energy utilities benefit from serving as a trusted resource and EV adoption influencer. Customers have many questions and concerns about electric vehicles, and your energy utility has an opportunity to guide them on a successful journey. Questline’s Electric Vehicles Content empowers energy utilities to meet their program goals and help business and residential customers reach their EV destination.

Why our Electric Vehicles Content works:

  • Our content strategy helps your energy utility reach key EV customer segments to maximize the impact of your communications.
  • This unique solution helps you to understand why your customers are interested in EVs, along with their questions and concerns.
  • Your customers want your guidance. In fact, 42% of consumers said the involvement or endorsement of their energy utility would influence their adoption of new technologies like EVs.

There are more than 1 million EVs on the road today. EVs are expected to reach cost parity with gasoline-powered vehicles by 2025, according to SECC.

EV success starts with segmentation

Based on utility customer segments developed by the Smart Energy Consumer Collaborative, Questline has created a roadmap for energy utilities to reach the right customers with the right message:

Customer segmentsPerspectivesKey demographics
Green Champions“EVs fit our eco-friendly lifestyle.”Youngest, more likely to be college-educated
Savings Seekers“How can an EV save us money?”Young, more likely to be college-educated
Technology Cautious“We want to use energy wisely, but are apprehensive about new technologies.”More likely homeowners and older in age
Movers & Shakers“Smart energy technologies impress us.”More likely middle-aged with higher income
Business Navigators“We want to know how EVs can help our business.”Municipal, small and large businesses with fleet vehicles or charging needs

Charge up your EV programs with content marketing

Questline’s unique approach to content marketing helps utilities build strong digital relationships with customers by answering their questions and connecting them with resources to make informed energy decisions. When it comes to electric vehicles, despite growing popularity and interest, many concerns and misconceptions stand in the way of adoption.

Leveraging extensive consumer research, Questline identified the concerns of multiple customer segments and developed content to address each of them:

  • EV charging: How to charge at home and on the road, including information about Level 2 charger installation and smart charging options.
  • Costs and savings: Answers about upfront costs compared to the savings of operating an EV, plus information about rate options and charging costs.
  • Safety and performance: How EVs work, what features to look for, and what’s the difference between hybrids, extended-range and battery-electric vehicles.
  • Range anxiety: How do electric vehicles really fit into customers’ daily lives, including the facts about EV range and charging capacity.

With videos, articles, infographics and social posts, this content is not only engaging and informative, it comes from a reliable source that customers trust — their energy utility. And it’s the perfect way to connect interested customers with related programs, such as EV rebates, smart charger promotions and EV rate options.

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