eNewsletters for Residential Customers

Build long-term engagement and satisfaction with a consistent customer touchpoint

An ongoing digital relationship is the foundation of customer satisfaction. By engaging with residential customers every month, you can position your energy utility as a helpful, trusted resource in their lives. That relationship starts with an email newsletter.

An eNewsletter allows you to deliver valuable, compelling content directly to customers’ inboxes. Each touchpoint is an opportunity to educate customers, help them make the most of their energy use and promote relevant programs and services.

eNewsletters deliver results for energy utilities

Engaged customers know where to find information or answer questions without calling your call center. A consistent digital relationship with your residential customers not only increases customer satisfaction, it also drives interest and participation in your programs.

According to Questline’s performance metrics:

  • eNewsletter readers click on Program Promotions at a 51.6% higher rate than other customers
  • eNewsletter readers click on Paperless Billing campaigns at a 52.2% higher rate than other customers
  • eNewsletter readers click on Outage Communications at a 53.1% higher rate than other customers

Why Questline’s eNewsletters work:

This content marketing solution builds trust in your energy utility through long-term engagement. In each monthly eNewsletter, your customers receive valuable information that:

  • Answers their questions
  • Offers helpful advice
  • Provides education on new technologies
  • Inspires them to take control of their energy use

Over time, customers view your energy utility as a helpful resource that’s always there for them. When you tell them about a program or new service, they listen — because it’s not a marketing message, it’s part of the interesting content they look for each month.

Our creative process for content

Questline’s process starts with industry research and our extensive digital performance metrics. Our in-house team of writers, editors, designers and video producers creates hundreds of new content assets every year, including:

  • Articles
  • Live-action and animated videos
  • Social media posts
  • Interactive games and quizzes

We even have a certified energy manager to review it all, ensuring that our content is technically accurate and offers your customers the best advice.

Your eNewsletter solution includes:

  • 4 original content assets each month, covering seasonal energy use, new technology, efficiency advice and other topics that align to your utility’s messages and programs
  • Engaging multimedia content, including professionally produced videos, infographics and interactive quizzes
  • Flexibility to review and approve content, request changes, manage lists and schedule deployment dates with our robust Engage™ platform
  • Opportunity to personalize content to include program links and other utility-specific information
  • Ability to seamlessly add your own content, hosted by Questline or linked to your website
  • Fully responsive, mobile-friendly email and landing page templates customized to include your utility’s logo and brand colors
  • Monthly deployment managed by our experts to maintain list hygiene, CAN-SPAM compliance and deliverability best practices
  • Comprehensive performance metrics and easy-to-understand analytics

Your content marketing strategy starts here

Questline’s eNewsletters are the foundation of your energy utility’s cross-channel content strategy. By posting eNewsletter content to your website and social media channels, you can reinforce consistent messages across digital channels and extend your reach to customers beyond your email list. With Questline’s powerful Engage platform, it’s easy to deploy content to any channel.

Questline’s eNewsletters are a comprehensive solution. Our team of experts will handle deployment and performance metrics reporting. In fact, you’ll get a detailed view of performance metrics across all channels in one comprehensive report.

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