High Bill Series

Show customers how to take control of their energy bills with seasonal efficiency advice

When it comes to their energy bill, your customers want control, convenience and proactive communications. Questline’s High Bill Series is designed to deliver just that. By reaching out to customers at the start of summer and winter — when bills can spike — you’re empowering customers to take greater control of their energy use.

Why High Bill Series works:

  • Your customers want greater control of their energy use through your utility’s services, rebates and tips.
  • High Bill Series increases program awareness and participation, while strengthening long-term customer satisfaction.
  • Helping customers reduce their energy bill has the power to boost your J.D. Power score.

88% of households surveyed say saving money on electric bills is their primary motivator for improving energy efficiency, according to Neilson.

Your High Bill Series package includes:

  • 3 mobile-responsive, season-specific emails highlighting savings tools and resources that help your customers lower their bills and increase home comfort.
  • Built-in flexibility, allowing you to easily brand and customize the series.
  • No-hassle implementation with Questline’s experienced, highly responsive team.
  • Seamless deployment through our Engage™ platform.
  • Post-send analytics are captured daily and generated as a report from our Engage platform 7 days after each send.

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