Solar Energy Content

Shine a light on customers’ solar energy options with a content marketing strategy

As consumer interest in renewable energy continues to grow, your residential and business customers are looking to add solar to their lives. However, making the switch to solar comes with a lot of questions.

By providing accurate, educational content resources, your energy utility can make sure customers understand their options and decide what’s best for them, from rooftop PV installation to community solar programs. Questline’s Solar Energy Content provides your energy utility with a complete content marketing strategy to lead customers to successful outcomes.

Why our Solar Energy Content works:

  • Your customers want reliable information from a trusted source. In fact, 75% of U.S. consumers wish they had more information before adding solar.
  • Consumers are looking to their energy utility for advice. Your energy utility can be a helpful resource as they navigate the complicated steps along the solar journey.
  • The decision to add rooftop solar is a major investment. Questline’s Solar Energy Content educates customers on what they can expect before, during and after photovoltaic (PV) installation, including a calculator so they can understand potential savings.

Your complete solar solution

Our customer-friendly content assets are designed to share across platforms, including email newsletters, websites, social media and even print. You’ll find a variety of content collections in our robust, user-friendly Engage™ Platform, including residential solar installation, billing and maintenance, community solar and much more. You’ll also find a powerful deployment option through Engage.

Content types include:

  • Videos: Jeff Wilson, an HGTV and DIY Network television personality and home improvement expert, shares relatable expert advice in an engaging video series.
  • Calculator: Help customers understand the financial impact of a solar investment and set realistic expectations for savings.
  • Articles: In-depth solar information is written in article format to allow for easy sharing.
  • Infographics: Eye-catching infographics are used to clearly explain technical details and complicated processes.
  • Checklists: Printable checklists are ready to guide customers’ decision-making process and help them ask the right questions along the way.

Be a resource to solar customers with content marketing

With Questline’s educational resources, your energy utility can encourage solar adoption and help increase long-term customer satisfaction. For those who choose rooftop PV installation, you can set realistic expectations and guide customers to a positive experience. And if rooftop solar isn’t the best fit, you can connect customers to community solar or other renewable energy programs.

  • Educate customers on the basics of solar energy, including how the technology works, common misconceptions and cost-saving benefits.
  • Help your customers select a qualified, experienced solar vendor for their solar panel installation.
  • Prepare customers for the solar panel installation process, including the typical timeframe, commissioning and what potential upgrades may be required ahead of time.
  • Emphasize to your customers the importance of solar panel maintenance to ensure efficient energy production.
  • Level-set customer expectations about energy savings and provide understanding about solar energy credits and charges on their monthly bill.

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