Time-of-Use Energy Content

Educate customers about alternative rate plans and help them make the switch.

Encouraging utility customers to switch to alternative rate plans is vital for improving grid reliability and meeting decarbonization goals. However, before utilities can market dynamic pricing, they first must increase customer awareness and understanding.   

That’s why energy utilities need the right strategy to educate customers on their rate options and the cost-saving benefits.

Questline Digital’s Time-of-Use content solutions provide your energy utility with resources that help customers understand how TOU works, why it’s important and how they can change their energy behaviors. Our content also highlights the benefits of dynamic rate plans, including improving energy efficiency, saving money and helping the environment. 

There are 53,000 approved rates across U.S. utilities. This is a tenfold increase over the past five years.

Why TOU Education Matters

Alternative rate plans can be complex and difficult for the average customer to understand. Additionally, many utility customers are unfamiliar with TOU and how they can benefit from a new rate plan. With a lack of understanding on this complex topic, they have many questions:

  • What are the benefits of a TOU rate plan?
  • How can I save energy and reduce my monthly bill with TOU?
  • How do I change my energy behaviors to maximize savings?
  • How will changing when I use energy impact my lifestyle?
  • How does switching to TOU impact the electric grid and community?

Our Time-of-Use content collection addresses these common customer questions and more through easy-to-understand articles, videos and infographics. Your utility can help customers learn the “what” and “why” of TOU without complicated industry jargon.

Time-of-Use content covers:

  • An introduction to TOU and key benefits
  • The best ways to save on a TOU rate plan
  • What customers should and shouldn’t do on a TOU rate plan
  • How smart technology makes it easy to save
  • The difference between peak and off-peak pricing
  • And more

Questline Digital’s content can be customized with your energy utility’s specific program details and website links.

Time of Use Marketing Campaigns

Questline Digital’s experienced Creative team can create customized, multichannel TOU campaigns to help your utility increase customer awareness, education and participation. With the right TOU marketing strategy, your customers will have the information they need to choose the best rate option for their lifestyle.

Our custom TOU campaigns reach customers through a variety of content formats:

  • Website landing pages with rate plan details and benefits
  • Video testimonials from customers who saved money with TOU
  • Infographics with TOU benefits and recommended usage behaviors
  • Email campaigns to residential customers, including behavioral follow-up messages.

Encourage Customers to Make the Switch

Alternative rate plans will continue to grow in number and importance as a result of increasing technology capabilities and climate change. Energy utilities will need to continue to educate customers about the benefits of shifting their energy behavior to off-peak periods

With the right educational content and marketing campaigns, your energy utility can increase TOU participation among both residential and business customers.

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