Proven Process

Questline’s unique approach to content marketing was designed specifically for energy utilities and their customers

We understand your communications needs and customer engagement challenges. Questline’s Proven Process is tailored to the unique needs of energy utilities.

Using this content marketing-based approach, we build long-term relationships between energy utilities and their customers, increase program participation and grow customer satisfaction.

What’s behind Questline’s Proven Process?

  • Data- and research-driven strategy to solve energy utility challenges
  • Production of high-quality, original content targeted to energy utility needs
  • Deep catalog (3,000+ assets) of relevant content proven to drive results
  • Social posts, videos and interactive content that customers are looking for
  • Easy-to-use Engage platform to search for and publish content

A great article, video or social post that doesn’t drive profitable action is just content — not content strategy. Questline’s Proven Process uses the 4 Ps of Content Strategy to turn a utility’s goals into measurable results.

Every content strategy is built on:

  • Purpose: Seeks to achieve a specific business objective
    • Why are we doing this?
  • People: Connects with a specific segment of utility customers
    • Who are we targeting?
  • Platform: Leverages the best digital channels to reach your customers
    • How are we doing this?
  • Performance: Delivers measurable results for your energy utility
    • Did we accomplish our goals?

Content strategy that’s easy to use

Questline doesn’t just create content for you. We help you use it. Our Content team will recommend a strategy that aligns our resources with your program or marketing goals, and our Client Success team will be with you every step of the way to put it in action. We even create social media calendars every month so you know which animated GIFs and videos to post to build social connections with customers.

It’s also simple to publish Questline content directly to your own channels. Our easy-to-use Engage™ platform allows you to quickly select and post our original content to your website, newsletter or social media channels.

Why our Proven Process works:

  • Instead of just promoting programs or services, Questline deploys useful information that your customers want and need.
  • Customer action is based on trust and familiarity, not a quick, one-time sales message.
  • Content marketing positions your energy utility as a trusted resource working to improve customers’ lives.

An experienced team of content professionals

Questline’s Content team creates high-quality, relevant content designed specifically for energy utilities. Our content creation process starts with industry research and robust performance metrics. Then, every content asset is reviewed by a certified energy manager for technical accuracy.

Benefits of Questline’s Proven Process

Our unique approach to content marketing works. By building a digital relationship with customers, your energy utility can:

  • Increase program participation. Interested customers want to learn more about your energy utility’s program benefits.
  • Drive customer engagement. Our content strategy positions your energy utility as a trusted source of information that works to improve customers’ lives.
  • Reduce call center demand. Educated customers know where to find the answers they need.
  • Lower paper bill costs. Engaged customers are comfortable having a digital relationship with your energy utility.
  • Improve AMI utilization. Informed customers understand how their smart home and smart grid benefit their community.