Whitepaper: Public Power Marketing – How a Small Team Can Deliver Big Results

Learn how municipal utility marketers can leverage community partnerships, local events and educational resources to build stronger customer relationships

It’s no secret that public power marketers are working with limited resources, especially compared to larger Investor-Owned Utilities (IOUs). Even still, you have customers to connect with, goals to meet and important information to share.

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How is your municipal utility keeping up with the never-ending to-do list? How are you maximizing your time, energy and resources?

Just know: You’re not alone.

Discover how four leading public power utilities work smarter, not harder to achieve their marketing goals.

Hear from Elk River Municipal Utilities, Conway Corporation, Westfield Gas & Electric and Mason County PUD #3 about their insights, tips and advice for achieving impressive results, even with a small marketing team.

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  • Strategies for effectively using and prioritizing marketing resources
  • Insights into community partnerships that drive education and engagement
  • Recommendations for creating memorable marketing initiatives
  • And more!

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