Alleviating Customer Concerns Helps Eversource Increase Paperless Billing Conversions by Nearly 35%


Eversource Energy wanted to increase enrollment in paperless billing but hit opposition from residential customers due to fears of missed payments. The energy utility needed to develop an engaging email campaign that effectively addressed customer concerns while highlighting the benefits of switching to e-bills.


Questline Digital created a themed campaign focused on the benefits of 24/7 bill access, entitled “Don’t Let Paper Hold You Back.” This campaign included six emails with a one-click enrollment capability. The email promoted the ability to simplify bill management, the convenience of on-the-go bill access, the security of billing information and the ease of viewing and paying bills online.


Eversource successfully alleviated customers’ concerns about missing a payment with paperless billing and debunked other misconceptions of the program. As a result, the energy utility experienced the largest annual gain of paperless adoption in five years with an increase to nearly 35%.

About Eversource

Eversource transmits and delivers electricity and natural gas for more than 3.6 million electric and natural gas customers in Connecticut, Massachusetts and New Hampshire.

Eversource experienced their largest annual gain for paperless billing adoption with an increase to nearly 35%.

“Eversource captured customer attention with a fully customized Paperless campaign that made it simple and easy for their customers to convert by using a one-click enrollment strategy. Eversource’s Paperless Billing campaign provided the power to increase customer conversions and further develop their digital relationship amongst each of their customers.”
—Elizabeth Van Horn, Account Supervisor, Questline Digital