PSEG Long Island Exceeds Enrollment Goal for EV Rewards Program


PSEG Long Island needed to enroll 1,200 participants in its Smart Charge Rewards program. This included not only initial sign-up, but also required registration of electric vehicle (EV) charger ID numbers for effective tracking of grid impacts.


PSEG Long Island’s Smart Charge Rewards campaign started with thoughtful customer surveys and data analysis. Survey findings drove campaign messaging and audience segmentation strategies.

Questline Digital created animated graphics to promote the program and deployed a multifaceted marketing campaign that spanned five months. Communications targeted customers in PSEG Long Island’s region who were partially enrolled, new EV buyers and customers who showed previous interest in EVs.

Advanced tactics were leveraged for behavioral email sends and personalization, and landing pages were equipped with auto-fill sign-up forms to improve the customer experience and ensure full registration. The Smart Charge Rewards campaign included a total of 18 emails, one postcard mailing, website promotions and various social media ads.


PSEG Long Island surpassed its initial goal by achieving 1,300 new enrollments. Highly creative assets, clear messaging, targeted outreach and a seamless enrollment process all helped to make the Smart Charge Rewards campaign a success.

About PSEG Long Island

PSEG Long Island is an electric company dedicated to providing the people of Long Island and the Rockaways in Queens with exceptional customer service, best-in-class reliability and fast storm response. The utility has a strong level of involvement in the communities in which its employees live and work.

The campaign achieved 1,300+ program enrollments in just five months.

“PSEG Long Island was able to surpass their initial enrollment goals under an abbreviated timeline because of the high level of effort they put forth upfront surveying their customers and implementing a multifaceted campaign strategy. Survey data can unlock a wealth of information — information which you couldn’t have uncovered if you relied on personal assumptions and behavioral data alone.”
—Elizabeth Van Horn, Questline Digital Key Account Supervisor