Personalized Newsletter Content Drives Enrollment for Efficiency Programs


Due to regulatory mandates, a Northeast Utility is responsible for promoting energy efficiency to its customers, with the overall goal of reducing energy consumption and demand on the grid. The utility needed an efficient and engaging way to address these concerns with its customers.


The Northeast Utility partnered with Questline Digital to develop a Key Accounts Newsletter for business customers solely focused on energy efficiency. The utility chooses content from Questline Digital’s vast library each month, while also incorporating information on their own programs and services.

The monthly newsletters included timely and relevant content, ranging from local program information, tips for achieving energy savings and advice for complying with emissions and pollution regulations.


By personalizing the newsletter content each month, the utility saw consistent, strong performance rates. According to Questline Digital’s Energy Utility Benchmarks Report, typical newsletter click-through rates (CTR) are 4.1%. The Northeast Utility’s newsletters far exceeded benchmarks, doubling the metric with a 9.3% CTR. 

Additionally, the utility has been able to successfully expand its energy efficiency outreach to customers and drive enrollment for available energy efficiency programs. Importantly, the utility has established consistent communication and trusted relationships with its customers. 

The Northeast Utility’s newsletters far exceeded industry benchmarks with a 9.3% click-through rate. 

“The newsletters are not only a great way to amplify your utility’s messages but also drive impact on the community. Time and time again, the newsletters exceed expectations by increasing customer engagement and interest, directly driving program enrollment.”
— Maureen Huss,
Group Accounts Director, Questline Digital