Personalized Videos Drive Program Sign-Ups for Fort Pierce Utilities Authority


Fort Pierce Utilities Authority (FPUA) was actively seeking ways to communicate and build trust with customers. However, the utility had little success with previous engagement initiatives. Historically, the utility produced monthly bill inserts, direct mailers, website content, email campaigns and social media posts, yet yielded limited customer engagement. Capturing attention for its programs, such as weatherization and lighting, also proved challenging. 

Additionally, FPUA wanted to increase paperless billing enrollments, as well as autopay, IVR and online payments. Of FPUA’s 29,000 customers, only 35% were making online payments and only 10% were using the IVR system. While portal registration was over 40%, paperless and autopay adoption rates were only at 27% and 20%, respectively.


The utility’s CIS partner, Harris Computer, approached FPUA to introduce its innovative personalized video solution, SmartVX. The personalized videos use customer data to deliver highly targeted billing and welcome messages that are unique for each viewer.


FPUA launched the personalized videos in September 2023. Immediately, the utility saw an uptick in program participation:

  • Portal registration increased by 25%
  • Paperless sign-ups increased by 20%
  • Autopay enrollments increased by 20%

Customers engaged with their personalized videos month after month, with a 70% watch-through rate. Some customers shared screenshots of their videos on social media. One customer even reached out to the customer service manager to express their excitement over FPUA’s positive direction. 

“This acknowledgement from the customers is very meaningful, as it indicates that we’ve been able to reach levels of satisfaction that we’ve been missing for years,” says Melissa Martin, Utility Operations Manager at FPUA. “Our relationship with customers was challenging and building trust was very crucial for us.”

FPUA plans to continue using personalized videos to educate customers about specific programs. “We are also exploring videos to inform customers about high consumption, past-due invoices, scheduled outages and tutorials on how to save and conserve,” says William Gray, Billing Supervisor for FPUA. 

About FPUA 

Fort Pierce Utilities Authority is a municipal utility provider located in St. Lucie County, Florida. Its mission since 1972 is to provide customers with economical, reliable and friendly service in a continuous effort to enhance the quality of life in the community. FPUA serves over 29,000 customers across electric, water, wastewater, natural gas and fiber services. 

Customers engaged with their personalized videos month after month, with a 70% watch-through rate.

“Right from the start, we witnessed a significant uptick in portal registrations, paperless signups and autopay. It was precisely the goals we aimed for from a KPI standpoint… The call-to-action links at the end of the video are especially vital. They provide customers with seamless opportunities to sign up for these fantastic programs right at their fingertips and at their convenience. It doesn’t get any easier than that.”
— Melissa Martin,
Utility Operations Manager, Fort Pierce Utilities Authority