Proactive Storm Communications Help Utility Share Information Quickly and Effectively with Customers


A major investor-owned utility in the Northeast wanted a variety of communications to deliver timely information to customers ahead of forecasted storms.


Questline Digital created numerous pre-storm email templates for the energy utility to use for any weather occasion, including wind, floods, electric outages and more. This cut down deployment time to ensure the utility could send emails ahead of forecasted weather alerts as quickly as possible.

The messages and videos highlighted self-service resources, including text alerts and social media, provided safety tips and connected customers to the energy utility’s outage map.


By preparing and utilizing a variety of storm communication emails, the energy utility was able to quickly and efficiently deploy information and resources to customers. The utility has seen a nearly 32% open rate for the lifetime of these emails, a strong metric highlighting the importance of timely communications.

Overall lifetime email open rate is nearly 32% for all of the utility’s storm communications.