PSEG Long Island Increases Enrollment for Paperless Billing by 51,190 Customers


PSEG Long Island’s goal was to enroll residential customers in paperless billing to reach conversion goals and reduce billing costs. 


Questline Digital became a partner to help grow PSEG Long Island’s paperless billing program. With Questline Digital’s recommendations, the energy utility took advantage of various incentives to encourage paperless conversions.

Questline Digital and PSEG Long Island tested smaller incentives, such as gift cards and free LED lightbulbs, given to all customers who signed up. They also gave away large monetary prizes to only select customers, including $1,000 and the chance to win tickets to a major league baseball game.


Through testing of numerous incentives, PSEG Long Island identified what worked best for their target audience and successfully increased paperless billing enrollment by 51,190 customers. The energy utility discovered that tangible, guaranteed incentives drove greater engagement.

About PSEG Long Island

PSEG Long Island is an electric company dedicated to providing the people of Long Island and the Rockaways in Queens with exceptional customer service, best-in-class reliability and fast storm response. The utility has a strong level of involvement in the communities in which its employees live and work.

Paperless billing promotional emails with incentives have a 17% higher open rate and 28% higher CTR than messages without incentives.

“My contact at Questline Digital is a great sounding board for new ideas, helping me to develop creative options and impactful solutions that drive digital engagement. Year after year, the initiatives we partner on have received attention and delivered results.”
—Michelle Somers, Marketing Manager, PSEG Long Island