SECC Generates Thousands of YouTube Views with Educational Animated Video Series


The Smart Energy Consumer Collaborative (SECC) wanted to engage consumers with a fun, shareable and educational video series that brings popular energy topics to life.


Questline helped SECC to develop a video series focused on three topics: emerging energy technology, electric vehicles and renewable energy. The short, three-minute videos needed to incorporate key information from SECC’s in-depth fact sheets about each topic. Questline developed the creative concept of Professor Energy, a lively animated character to serve as the guide and voiceover. This concept was a nostalgic nod to classic science education programs.

The “Evolving World of Energy” video series illustrated energy’s dramatic transformation, providing important insights, latest statistics and real-world examples. In each video, Professor Energy educated and entertained viewers with captivating storytelling and eye-catching animation. The three videos were featured in a variety of communications, including SECC’s industry and consumer websites, webinars, social media, email marketing and in-person conferences.


“The Evolving World of Energy” video series proved to be a success, helping to increase consumer understanding of renewable energy and smart technology. The “Electric Vehicles: How Much Do You Know?” video is the most popular to date, reflecting growing consumer interest in EVs.

About SECC

Smart Energy Consumer Collaborative (SECC) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that works to learn the wants and needs of energy consumers in North America, encourages the collaborative sharing of best practices in consumer engagement among industry stakeholders, and educates the public about the benefits of smart energy and energy technology.

The video “Electric Vehicles: How Much Do You Know?” generated 41,951 pageviews on SECC’s consumer website.

“Questline’s expertise has proven invaluable to SECC as we’ve sought to fulfill our mission of helping consumers in North America understand the benefits of smart energy. Through this video series, Questline has helped us provide factual information to consumers around renewable energy, electric vehicles, smart home technology and energy efficiency.”
—Greg Schwartz, Director of Operations, SECC