Segmentation Drives Up to 84% Increase in Customer Engagement


AEP Ohio sought to increase engagement among business customers. Historically, the energy utility reached this audience using a general email newsletter, which was distributed to all business customers in a wide variety of industries.  


To better connect with business customers, AEP Ohio partnered with Questline Digital to take advantage of segmentation efforts. With Questline Digital’s recommendation, the energy utility’s business eNewsletter was segmented by multiple industries, including healthcare, education and manufacturing.

Each eNewsletter featured industry-specific educational content, such as HVAC considerations, workplace safety, seasonal efficiency, electrification, building comfort and facility audits. For example, the manufacturing eNewsletter provided customers with solutions to improve energy efficiency with electric warehouse equipment and EV fleets.


Compared to the general, non-segmented eNewsletter, AEP Ohio achieved outstanding customer engagement (based on click-through rate) through industry-specific eNewsletters:  

  • 84% higher customer engagement for the healthcare segment
  • 54% higher engagement for the education segment
  • 43% higher engagement for the manufacturing segment

About AEP Ohio

AEP Ohio serves nearly 1.5 million customers in Ohio, providing power to more than 920 communities located in 61 of the state’s 88 counties. AEP Ohio is a subsidiary of American Electric Power and the largest of its regional utility divisions.

Segmented eNewsletters achieved a 22% higher open rate and 44% higher click-through rate than unsegmented communications.

“Industry-based segmentation is especially effective for building engagement with time-strapped Key Accounts customers. It allows you to capture their attention with relevant content that is specific to their business and direct them to related programs or services that can help them save both money and time.”
—Maureen Huss, Group Accounts Director, Questline Digital