Smart Energy Website Drives 66,000+ Video Views in First Four Months


PSEG Long Island wanted to create a digital experience and marketing strategy to educate 680,000 residential customers about energy use and savings opportunities in their homes. The campaign needed to include information about beneficial electrification, energy efficiency, smart technology and safety while also connecting visitors to value-added services like rebates, programs and the utility’s energy efficiency marketplace. 


The utility enlisted Questline Digital to build an interactive microsite that provided an immersive experience inside a typical family’s house, demonstrating behaviors, products and programs that were achievable to the average utility customer. The site featured 29 animated videos that taught customers how making energy-efficient choices could lower their energy bills and increase their savings while maintaining a comfortable home. A text call-out and CTA connected each video to a related program, product or more information on the utility website.

To promote the new interactive experience, Questline Digital created a brand identity and multichannel marketing strategy, including: paid banner ads, a carousel image for the utility’s website homepage, organic and paid social media content, website footers, email footers, multiple campaign emails and email newsletter promotions.


The PSEG Long Island interactive microsite effectively engaged the utility’s residential audience. 

In a data analysis of the four months following site launch, the interactive website achieved:

  • 40,789 unique users
  • 66,808 total video views
  • 59.0% video completion rate
  • 6.4% click-through rate
  • 2,617 CTA clicks – Learn More and Shop Now

The highest volume of unique users on the microsite occurred on dates when PSEG Long Island sent emails promoting the site to its full residential list. Over 19,000 visits came from email promotions alone. The utility continues to push regular marketing messages about the interactive microsite and evaluate which topics and products are of most interest to customers. 

“PSEG Long Island wanted to provide our community with new and exciting ways to learn about energy efficiency,” explained Michelle Somers, Marketing Manager at PSEG Long Island. “By building the My Smart Energy Home with Questline Digital, we now have a unique and interactive way to show our residential customers how easy it is to take control of their energy use and connect them with the products and services that will benefit them the most.”

About PSEG Long Island

PSEG Long Island is an electric company dedicated to providing the people of Long Island and the Rockaways in Queens with exceptional customer service, best-in-class reliability and fast storm response. The utility has a strong level of involvement in the communities in which its employees live and work.

Visitors to the interactive site watched an average of 1.64 videos, with nearly 60% watching each video to completion.

“PSEG Long Island had a vision to get customers to better understand their own energy consumption and take actions that directly reduce their monthly bills with energy efficiency and renewable energy measures. That vision was realized by leveraging Questline Digital’s dynamic team to create a platform that takes our customers through a journey that brings that vision to fruition.”
—Todd Stebbins, Senior Program Manager, PSEG Long Island