Proactive Outreach Helps Southeast Utility Update 270,000 Customer Contacts Ahead of Storm Season


Pre-hurricane season, this Southeast energy utility wanted to do more to alert customers about pending storms and deliver storm updates. The energy utility needed to provide a simple, clean customer experience for updating account information so it could increase the use of text alerts.


Questline Digital collaborated with the Southeast energy utility and created a multichannel campaign with digital and traditional customer touchpoints. The communications led to a dynamic prepopulated landing page for customers to update their contact information. The campaign messaging created a sense of urgency leading into storm season, pushing customers to confirm their information was correct and specify text or call.


Over 275,000 customers updated their contact preferences for storm communications. With a 40% open rate and 45% click-to-open rate, the campaign was extremely successful. The use of a dynamic landing page with pre-populated fields helped to simplify the process for customers and increase participation.

The campaign had a 45% CTOR driving over 275,000 customers to update their information.