Midwest Energy Utility Boosts Participation in Demand Response Program with Segmented Campaign


A large Midwest energy utility wanted to increase awareness and understanding of its Demand Response program as part of its Clean Energy Plan to reduce carbon emissions. The goal was to encourage participation among two groups of commercial and industrial (C&I) customers: prospective customers and past program participants. 


The energy utility partnered with Questline Digital to help with promoting its 2020 Demand Response program enrollment. Questline Digital created a segmented email campaign with two distinct messages to prospective customers and past participants. The campaign theme, “Better Together,” showcased how the partnership between the utility and local businesses was mutually beneficial and supported a cleaner energy future. 

The emails targeting prospective customers highlighted the benefits of participation, including compensation for reducing energy use, saving business costs and helping the community. Each email included a video testimonial from a local business. The emails sent to past participants announced enrollment was open and to secure their spot in the program. Since limited spots were available, the emails featured “Don’t miss your chance” messaging. 

Questline Digital also designed an educational landing page with more details about the program, including examples of how much compensation customers would receive for their participation. A complimentary infographic, displayed on the landing page, featured energy reduction tips to help various business segments prepare for a Demand Response event. 


The Demand Response email campaign, landing page and infographic were successful at increasing program participation. The energy utility reached its total nomination target of 180 megawatts. More businesses than anticipated enrolled in the program to help reduce demand in the community. 

With Questline Digital’s help a Midwest energy utility reached its 180-megawatt total nomination target ahead of schedule. 

“Not only did the energy utility reach its Demand Response goals for the year — it also reached them ahead of schedule. Segmentation was a successful strategy for this campaign, allowing us to target prospective customers with more education and past participants with helpful reminders. With a focus on the program benefits that matter to businesses, the messages effectively captured attention and, ultimately, encouraged participation.”
—Nina Cummins
Account Director, Questline