Southeast Energy Utility Empowers Customers to Take Their Power Back with Text Alert Campaign


This Southeast energy utility wanted to grow its text alerts program to reach customers following any outage. The utility wanted to showcase the benefits of text alerts and continue to grow its contact list.


Questline Digital emboldened customers with the strong message of “Take Your Power Back.” This powerful creative campaign was designed to inspire customers to sign up to receive text alerts and not feel powerless during an outage.

The campaign targeted customers who were not already signed up for text alerts with messaging focused on the benefits of real-time notifications. A clear call-to-action drove customers to My Account to sign-up. In doing so, the campaign also cross-promoted other digital tools, including the energy utility’s outage center and energy efficiency programs.


This campaign was a simple, yet effective way to connect with customers by speaking to the peace of mind they could give themselves. It proved successful for the energy utility with a 26% open rate and over 7,800 total clicks to sign up for outage text alerts. 

The text outage alert campaign yielded over 7,800 total clicks from customers.