Webinars Put Utility Front and Center with Customers and Employees


A major investor-owned utility in the Northeast wanted to extend its community reach with customers and trade allies while simultaneously modernizing employee engagement. To do so, the energy utility was looking to produce continuing education webinars about energy management. Content needed to speak to both electric and gas utilities and showcase thought leadership in an appealing way.


The utility leveraged Questline Digital’s content library to build turnkey presentations on advanced, technical topics. Questline Digital produced and hosted a unique webinar series titled “Building Blocks of Superior Energy Management,” customizing content to meet the utility’s needs.

To promote the three-part series, Questline Digital developed and deployed a cross-channel campaign, including an entertaining video, social media content and four email messages.


Webinars allowed the energy utility to showcase its thought leadership while educating and engaging target audiences. With a cross-channel promotion strategy, the utility achieved an impressive 61% registration-to-attendance rate, exceeding the national average of 46%.

The utility achieved 61% webinar attendance rate, driving sizable participation with entertaining promotional video.

“The experiences of one division within this utility have led to other divisions seeking out Questline Digital to produce webinars. They know they can turn to us as the industry experts who can manage the entire webinar process and hosting platform.”
—Joshua Platt, Account Director, Questline Digital