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The Growing Need for Energy Efficiency Education

Your customers want to save energy; they just might not know how. By educating customers about energy waste and showing them how they can save, your energy utility can help customers take advantage of energy-saving programs and products. More than ever, there is a growing need for energy efficiency education. Many customers don’t realize the

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Get All the Benefits of a Monthly eNewsletter

Email newsletters are a great way to keep residential and business customers engaged with your energy company. As a relevant and reliable channel of communication with your target audience, eNewsletters provide a steady stream of content that’s free of sales pitches and full of interesting and helpful information. Unsure if a monthly eNewsletter would benefit your customer

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7 Essential Copywriting Tips for Energy Utility Marketers

To capture the attention of energy utility customers, the copy in your marketing campaigns is just as important as the design. As an energy copywriter, you have the power to increase customer engagement and participation in your energy utility’s programs and services. For example, a strong subject line will encourage email opens, while a successful

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Email Subject Line Best Practices + Sample Subject Lines

Subject lines are the make-it-or-break-it text for emails. An effective email subject line will catch the attention of the recipient and inspire them to open the message to learn more. The goal is to drive opens and engagement with your emails. A well-executed subject line can make your utility’s email stand out in the noise

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Webinar: 2023 Email Marketing Trends + Best Practices

A full year of Apple’s privacy changes has come and gone, marketing texts are trending, chat boxes continue to pop up and voice search is making itself heard, among many other hot topics for utility marketers. Questline Digital’s experts weighed in on the top 10 email marketing trends and best practices for 2023 during a