Illustration of beneficial electrification for the home

Beneficial Electrification: What Utility Customers Need to Know

Beneficial electrification has become a popular marketing theme among energy utilities and cooperatives in the last year, but the concept is still unfamiliar to many customers. Don’t let that get in the way of communicating this powerful message. The term may be a mouthful, but beneficial electrification can improve customers’ lives in a variety of

Illustration of email list growth for energy utilities

Best Practices: Email List Growth for Energy Utilities

Effective email list management is critical to digital marketing success for energy utilities. By building digital relationships with residential and business customers, and growing lists to reach more customers, utilities can achieve marketing goals, increase program participation and boost customer satisfaction. At the same time, there are negative consequences to poor list management, from complaints

Illustration of energy utility marketers analyzing digital marketing performance metrics

Digital Marketing Performance Metrics: What You Need to Know

Digital marketing performance metrics are vital to understanding the success of any email or social media campaign, especially for energy utilities. Metrics like click-through rate, reach and time on page can help energy utility marketers understand what content is resonating with customers and what actions customers take as a result. In order to analyze the

Illustration of video content added to utility promotions

4 Great Ways to Use Video in Energy Utility Promotions

Your customers are paying attention to video — and more than just the viral clips trending on TikTok. Video is must-have content in a world where consumers are glued to their devices, whether scrolling through Instagram or streaming their favorite show. In fact, 54% of U.S. consumers want to see more video content from marketers.

Illustration of small business customer segmentation on main street

Webinar: Segmentation for Small Business Customers

Segmentation is a critical tool for energy utilities to effectively reach customers, especially small business customers. SMB customers are often hard to reach for numerous reasons, including lack of time and lack of interest in information they think is not relevant to their needs. In this webinar, Kurt Hansen, Questline AVP of products and partnerships,