Illustration of 5G technology in use for energy utilities

5G Technology: What Energy Utility Customers Need to Know

Fifth-generation (5G) wireless is the latest technology in mobile communications, but is it the greatest? The previous generation, 4G LTE, was launched a decade ago, in 2010, which means it was time for an upgrade. 5G service promises faster speed and a higher-quality wireless experience, but all of that may come at a cost. This

Illustration of digital customer relationship for energy utility marketers

Digital Customer Relationship: The Key to Lasting Engagement

Does your energy utility have an effective digital relationship with customers? The answer may surprise you. Most energy utilities email program promotions to customers, text them outage alerts and offer electronic billing options — creating the impression of a strong connection. However, these transactional tactics actually fall far short of a true digital customer relationship.

Illustration of energy utility marketers understanding the difference between marketing and advertising

Marketing vs. Advertising: What is Right for Your Energy Utility?

Many people use the terms “marketing” and “advertising” interchangeably when, in fact, they are quite different. To put it simply, marketing promotes a business and its products or services, while identifying customer needs and how best to meet them. Advertising, however, is the act of calling attention to products or services, specifically through paid methods.

Illustration of new business customers utility sends welcome series

How to Welcome Business Customers to Your Energy Utility

At the start of their energy service, business customers need the right tools to succeed. By connecting with this target audience from day one, your energy utility can welcome business customers, help them better manage their account and take control of their energy use. A Welcome Series is a great way to connect with hard-to-reach

Illustration of marketing paperless billing to utility customers

Webinar: How to Market Paperless Billing to Utility Customers

There are numerous reasons customer choose to enroll in paperless billing. In order to reach your program goals, your energy utility needs to understand your customers and their motivations. In doing so, you will be able to segment and promote your paperless billing program with effective messaging. In Questline’s Plugged In webinar, “How to Market