Illustration of smart home campaign

Empower Utility Customers with a Smart Home Campaign

From the convenience of our smartphones, we can easily lower the temperature of our home, turn on the lights before entering the front door and better manage our overall energy usage. For energy utilities, it’s imperative to harness the opportunities tied to this growing technology. Running a smart home campaign or weaving smart home promotions

Illustration of utility strategies for high bill communications

Webinar: Strategies for High Bill Communications

High bill communications is a hot topic (pun intended) for utilities everywhere. Extreme temperatures have impacted billing communications in a big way as scorching summers and frigid winters hit customers’ energy bills. How your utility communicates seasonal costs directly impacts customer satisfaction. In Questline Digital’s webinar, “Strategies for High Bill Communications,” our expert speakers, Morgan Kriley

Energy Spotlight interview of Sonja Britland

Energy Spotlight: Sonja Britland

Sonja Britland has worn many hats at Taunton Municipal Light Plant (TMLP), from marketing to public communications. In her latest role as Sustainability and Commercial Development Manager, she is passionate about the environment and helping customers take advantage of renewable energy. “I really hope to make a difference and put my energy toward something tangible

Illustration of creative program advertising ideas

5 Creative Program Advertising Ideas for Energy Utilities

Program promotions are among the most important email campaigns for energy utilities. They help increase conversions, boost participation and generate revenue. However, keeping program promotions from getting stale can be a challenge. It’s not easy to come up with program advertising ideas for paperless billing, EV charger rebates, time-of-use rate plans and other utility programs.

Illustration of factors that impact email deliverability

Improving Email Deliverability: Factors to Consider

Communicating with customers about products, services and other offerings is vital, and email marketing can be an extremely effective channel for these messages. However, reaching a customer’s inbox is much more complicated than drafting a message and hitting send. That’s where email deliverability comes in. What is email deliverability? It’s the ability to get emails