Illustration of creative marketing ideas for energy utility promotions

Creative Inspiration for Energy Utility Promotions

When it comes to promotional emails, there is a fine line between selling your product or service and creating a narrative that resonates with customers. For energy utilities, this is not always an easy task. The reality is, utility products and services can be technical, complicated and not always on customers’ radars. More so, energy

Illustration of energy utility marketers using customer segmentation

Webinar: How to Segment Customer Communications

Segmentation. What is it and why does it matter? Before we get there, let’s talk about movies. Brian Lindamood, AVP of Marketing & Content Strategy, shared this example to begin the conversation during Questline’s webinar. “If we were to put up a poll asking all of us what our favorite movie is, I bet we

Illustration of home battery storage for utility customers

Battery Storage: What Energy Utility Customers Need to Know

Electricity is typically consumed as soon as it’s produced. Rechargeable batteries can store electricity at times when demand is low and power generation is high. It sounds simple, but your residential customers need to be educated about how battery energy storage works, the difference between battery types and what it takes to integrate batteries with

Illustration of common mistakes made with eNewsletters

5 Common eNewsletter Mistakes to Avoid

Newsletters: we read them, we write them, we live them. What started out as society publications (think Lady Whistledown’s Society Papers from Netflix’s “Bridgerton”), quickly turned into print newspapers. Then, as the digital age began, print publications turned to email and the eNewsletter was born. Today, we can find eNewsletters for nearly any topic of

Illustration of enewsletter ideas for business customers

4 eNewsletter Content Ideas for Utility Business Customers

For energy utilities, eNewsletters are a vital tool to connect with hard-to-reach business customers. Whether you’re trying to reach large commercial and industrial (C&I) customers or small business owners on Main Street, eNewsletters are a consistent source of valuable information and a regular touchpoint in the digital customer relationship. But what type of eNewsletter content