Illustration of planned power outage communications

How to Communicate a Planned Power Outage to Utility Customers

For your energy utility, planned power outages are necessary for regular maintenance and reliability improvements. But for your customers, a planned outage — just like any other outage — is a disruption to their daily routine. That’s why your energy utility needs the right communication strategy in place to prepare both residential and business customers

Illustration of animated explainer videos for energy utilities

Why Using Animated Explainer Videos Works

Animation has the power to break through marketing clutter. No matter the company or industry, consumers want entertaining, educational and aspirational content. In a sea of sensory overload, animated explainer videos enable your energy utility to stand out in a memorable, compelling way. Animation helps brands to develop a unique and identifiable look that instantly

Illustration of utility customer segmentation

Best Practices: Customer Segmentation for Energy Utilities

Relevant communication isn’t just a preference for consumers — it’s an expectation. Your customers want to see messages that speak to their needs and interests, and they don’t want to be bothered with messages that don’t. For energy utilities, relevant communications are best achieved by employing customer segmentation. This tactic remains the best way to

Energy Spotlight interview of Jessica Carthen

Energy Spotlight: Jessica Carthen

Public Service Company of Oklahoma’s Jessica Carthen helps customers understand and take advantage of energy efficiency programs — a responsibility she doesn’t take lightly. “As a marketer, you don’t always have the opportunity to promote something that is truly a service for good,” Carthen says. “There is something really fulfilling about being able to promote

Illustration of data analytics benchmarks for 2022 Energy Utility Benchmarks

Webinar: 2022 Energy Utility Benchmarks Report

Questline Digital’s annual Energy Utility Benchmarks Report provides data and insights into customer engagement for energy providers across the country. In our recent webinar, “2022 Energy Utility Benchmarks Report: Data to Drive Your Utility Forward,” Brian Lindamood, VP of Marketing & Content Strategy at Questline Digital, and Nina Cummins, Account Director at Questline Digital, offered