Family moving into a new home received welcome email design from energy utility

Welcome Email Design: 5 Great Examples for Energy Utilities

No matter the brand, first impressions with new customers are everything. That’s why a great welcome message is essential in every industry, from retail to hospitality and everything in between. For the energy utility industry, an effective welcome email design has the power to increase customer engagement, drive program promotion conversions and build long-lasting satisfaction.

Illustration of marketers delivering email subject line best practices to customers

Email Subject Line Best Practices + Sample Subject Lines

Subject lines drive opens. Without opens, your customer communications and program promotions simply won’t make an impression or accomplish your goals. To ensure success and boost open rates, follow these email subject line best practices. Tips For Building Successful Email Subject Lines An effective email subject line will catch the attention of the recipient and

Illustration of customers receiving welcome email best practices

Welcome Email Best Practices for New Customer Engagement + Examples

Sending a warm welcome message to customers goes a long way in establishing rapport and familiarizing your audience with your utility’s offerings. An effective welcome email tees up your audience for more inbox communications and lays the foundation for a positive customer experience. When following welcome email best practices, your messages should do five things:

Energy Spotlight interview with Mary Medeiros McEnroe

Energy Spotlight: Mary Medeiros McEnroe

After 27 years at Silicon Valley Power, Mary Medeiros McEnroe has experienced some major changes in California’s utility landscape. Throughout her career, she has made it her mission to help customers every step of the way. Medeiros McEnroe worked with business customers to prevent rolling blackouts during the Western U.S. energy crisis of 2000 and

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Best Email Subject Lines for Newsletters

Newer digital media like TikTok and NFTs may get all the headlines, but according to research email newsletters still have 40 times the effectiveness of social media. Campaign Monitor confers, noting, “These emails…seem to make an impact. They’ve been shown to drive sales, boost social media reach and increase website traffic and engagement.” Why? Because